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Big Tech headed toward 'major overhaul' of Section 230: Sen. Mike Lee

2020-11-18 | 🔗
Utah Sen. Mike Lee argues Big Tech now heading for overhaul amid censorship allegations.
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Thats, taking a disputed policy position, twitter suspended the account of Mark Morgan, specifically for a tweet, celebrating the success of the: U Dot S southern border wall. We evaluated his tweet again and we found that we were wrong. That was a mistake. I understand that mistakes happen. Mistakes happen a whole lot more, almost entirely on one side of the political aisle, rather than the other Steve, its kind of funny. How that all works out that man in the last video is Utah Senator MIKE Lee member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He joins us right now, Senator Lee Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve, you know what was different about yesterdays hearing was members of the Senate Judiciary Committee had a whistleblower from inside and told him about these secret tools that nobody had heard about and the platforms that they use. Zuckerberg was asked about tasks which is a program a
tool used to coordinate. You know. Censorship, essentially, is what you said, but also they talked about this program called Sentra and they they asked Mark Zuckerberg about SEN trap. He said I never heard of that Facebook officials were saying yes, that is something we have been using for a while. Yes, this is just one more indication Steve the fact that these two social media platform giants Facebook and Twitter have been offering one thing to the public that is offering to their customers neutral platform. Where people can have a conversation, they said we do not put our thumb on the still politically. We are unbiased and in fact they are offering a very different product than that that violates section fifty six, the Federal Trade Commission ACT because its an unfair or deceptive trade practice. When you offer one thing and provide another, that is not the thing you promised thats against the law
and thats a big problem. We uncovered that in great abundance. Yesterday, thats this is going to be a big problem for these two tech giants. Ainsley senator Feinstein had a chance to talk yesterday and was talking about president trumps social media and how that insights, violence. Listen to this im really struck by it that people armed with assault people armed with assault weapons as a product of a tweet, could rally outside of an election office. I think its a serious issue that needs to be considered and there need to be once you signal that, and people respond to it. It has to be in some way abated or some way pointed out or restructured on the internet itself.
Ainsley and your response to her was the only violence im aware of is from Antifa. What else do you want to say this morning? Well, yeah, look you had Washington D, DOT C full to overflowing, with peaceful trump protesters. People protesting signaling their support for president Trump and showing gratitude tore for him. Not one act of violence was attributed to them. Meanwhile, you had people shooting industrial strength, fireworks into places where they were eating. You had people approaching and beating up and saying vile things and putting people in physical danger, including elderly people, including women and children. All of this was done by trump haters by Antifa people who couldnt handle the fact that there were people peacefully showing their support for president Trump. So I dont know what my colleague Senator Feinstein is talking about, but I thought that was inappropriate comment.
Not one act of violence has been linked to President Trump in connection with events surrounding this election and I think she needs to recant her statement and apologize. Brian remember Senator Cory Booker, who just wreaks of politics didnt, want to get to the bottom of this. In my judgment, what are we going to do about the President and his twitter? We thought about that executives, unbelievable coordination there Senator Lee. I did notice that you brought up the Anti Biden ads about abortion. I did notice you brought up Mark Morgans account was frozen. Sorry about that. Shouldnt have done that we will look into it at the end of it. I thought to myself I learned a lot but whats going to change. I understand that Republicans Democrats and these executives kind of agree that they should let everybody know about their path towards transparency. What goes into their decisions we would is unlike to know, and we also have a regulatory framework they are asking for an update. Last one was one hundred and ninety six. What are we going to get? Can you guys work together to
get something regardless of what they want? What are you going to give them? Okay, I think we can give a few things. First of all, I think, no matter what they are now headed for a major overhaul of section, two hundred and thirty of the telecommunications Decency act. It is going to subject them perhaps to liability. There could be other changes that take them outside of the two hundred and thirty protection if they dont stop providing misinformation if they dont stop lying to their own customers. I also think that out of this, even under existing law, even between now and whenever we can bring about such changes to section two hundred and thirty, I think they have now given more than enough information to the Federal Trade Commission to be subject to aggressive action by the Federal Trade Commission for violating section. Five of the Federal Trade Commission acted because they have engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practice. So I think there is a path forward here, but yeah yesterday they made very clear that they have lied to their own customers.
They have lied to their people on the left in order to punish the right and make sure that the left wins. This isnt fair, especially when they speak state sponsored media. They are speaking with an air of official thats, not right. American people are not Brian bent to over other country, Vietnam and China and oppressive rules. Whatever you as long as we are allowed to advertise, there weave dont care when you do to Muslims or your people or screen out what Google does just pay. We just upght the ad revenue. I think a lot of things were exposed yesterday, Steve all right, Senator Lee.
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