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Black Lives Matter accuses Biden team of ignoring them

2020-12-15 | 🔗
Black Lives Matter says they want their voices heard in the new administration; podcast host Rob Smith reacts on 'Fox & Friends.'
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You all before then Steve primaries to you too Ainsley. Merry Christmas, black lives matter, demanding a seat at the table after being egg more by team Biden for more than thirty days in a petition, the group writes, quote black voters, give and give to this country and deserve a voice in the decision making process. The progress of this future administration here to react is host of the podcast. Rob Smith is problematic, Rob Smith himself, hey rob hey! How are you doing thanks for having me on on a problematic Tuesday, Ainsley all right, whats, your reaction to this? They are saying they are being ignored by the Biden, administration or team right now, and they want their voices heard they are being ignored because they were used by the Biden, team and campaign throughout this entire election season. Look. We have been having this conversation for months on end and everybody knew and a lot of black conservatives like me have been saying that as soon as they got what they wanted. In this case, Joe Biden, apparently looking to enter the White House in January that the black lives
matter protests and all of this stuff, they would just forget about it and thats what has happened so they have been used. They are starting to realize that they have been used, and that is why they are going public. With this now remember, on election night, black lives matter tweeted or the day after the election. They tweeted their symbol with the fist and literally said we won, so they thought that Joe Biden getting into the White House means that they won, but what it really means is that they have been used over and over again, just like african american voters have been used in the past. They made them afraid they. You know, they pushed out stories of racism and all of this stuff that werent entirely true, and they use this in order to get black votes and what they are getting now is not a seat at the table. What theyre getting now is ignored because they have been used Ainsley. So in another issue, black lives matter DC activists. They are complaining. They are calling to defund the police, but then they are complaining, because the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington is not protecting them.
Listen to this black lives matter defeat, nouns failure of d dot, C government, both the mayor and her police department, under the leadership of the failed outgoing police chief to protect our rights of d, DOT, C residents, inaudible defund Mpd, because Mpd dont keep us safe, rob your reaction. I dont know what it was that I just saw just a lot of Gobblably Gook coming from that guys mouth, but look. It really does boggle the mind and makes no sense. They wrote they had a huge defund. The police mural right by the black lives matter, mural in D, dot c. What it boils down to is like a lot of stuff. We have been seeing always rules for thee and not for me. They wants to defund the police, because it sounds great when theyre giving speeches and when they are trying to raise money or do whatever when they need the actual law enforcement, its apparently not there. It just makes no sense.
It just is confusing to me im sure its confusing to them, and what we are really seeing is a disconnect between the people that are out there doing the work on the ground, these black lives matter, organizers and the larger organizations that are really not paying too much attention to them and caring about them have you got Biden, ignoring the national organization? You have Muriel Bowser and all these people ignoring the local organization. At this point, like I said now that they have been used for their votes and they will be used for their votes in twenty twenty two and two thousand and twenty four. By the way they are not getting anything out of it. Ainsley have you Biden and a lot of democratic leaders saying it is the wrong message. Our constituents do not support defunding the police. Now these police departments dont have the money to pay the cops and then those very people that didnt want them to have all the money are now complaining because they are not getting protection, its unbelievable all right.
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