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Black Voices for Trump co-chair on Michelle Obama slamming Trump in video

2020-10-07 | 🔗
Michelle Obama ignored the ‘destruction’ facing Black communities by telling Americans to vote for the party that is ‘the purveyor of that violence,’ Stacy Washington tells ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Biden, like your lives depend on it. Ainsley here to react, is the co chair of black voices for Trump Stacey, Washington, hey Stacey, Hey Ainsley, Ainsley, hi, im, sure you watched the whole thing. What did you think wow? Okay, so she contradicts herself a bit there. Michelle Obama talking about the violence and then basically not attributing any of the violence to the source of it, which is the Democrats, but I think one of the biggest misses for this closing argument for her is the fact that she is ignoring that the primary victims of the violence and burned neighborhoods, and specifically, the loss of businesses, the locals of that revenue and jobs are black Americans, and so she spends a lot of her political capital as First lady, she did a lot of things that you know there were the gardens and the lunch program, and all of that and a black Americans supported her through this all. She and her husband did a fantastic job of raising their daughters in the White House. They have a great marriage. I always complimented them on
the things they do. That is positive mentoring program. In this case, she takes all of that loyalty from black Americans where we voted for her over ninety five percent of Black Americans voted for her husband, the book purchases of her book becoming everything she has done. Black America has supported her now when Black America is in the throws of really a crises, black communities destroyed, burned, out, bombed out really like hell holes on earth. Then you see her come out and ignore all of that destruction and tell black Americans to vote Fofor. The party that is the purveyor of that violence and for the candidate who just most recently said that I stacey and other plaque women like me, have a reason, because we stock grocery shelves that he was able to remain in quarantine in safety, so that kind of tone, deaf conversation from him coupled with her lies about Trump platinum plan. Everything is he doing for Black America. It was like a train wreck
and I could not stand it Ainsley. I want to get your reaction from her closing argument watch this stoking fears about black and brown Americans lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation, and they are pinning it all on what has been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement, Ainsley Stacey, so Ainsley. First of all, President Trump is aware briefing room outside of the oval office. Is he aware that fifty two percent of black Americans live in the suburbans Americans live in the suburbans Thissuburbs DOT, speaking at Obama AR away suburban homes? Im Black live in the suburbs, high density, low income housing right next to me on the lot next door, where my subdivision has a three acre minimum. This is about local control,
its not about black people but, more importantly, Ainsley. This is a distraction. The Obamas are being trotted out to distract black Americans from the fact that Biden has no agenda. He has no plans for black.
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