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Bo Derek on giving back to nation’s heroes

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Actress Bo Derek discusses her work with America’s veterans on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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She is a ten now actress. Bo Derek is taking on another lead role in her work to support our nations, disabled veterans and she joins us with more good morning to Youbo Good Morning, Ainsley thanks so much for being on with us its a pleasure. Thank you, its my favorite subject, Ainsley. I love that youre doing this. I know youve been helping disabled vets for a very long time. Tell us how you got involved with this organization. You know I was attending the inauguration for President George W Bush and I was at the vice presidents breakfast, which is a tradition, and I ran into the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, who is this incredible man, and he told me about these events for disabled veteran and how moving they were, how inspirational they were. So he invited me out for the winter sports clinic and I couldnt believe it. The whole mountain was just covered with four hundred disabled
veterans from every kind of disability and when they say theyre adaptive sports, they truly are the VA and all the volunteers. Hundreds and hundreds of volunteers make sure that every single veteran gets to participate in these sports Ainsley. They do so much for our country and keep us all safe and we love them all when they come home with a major injury. I always wonder how do they get through that? But things like this, it gives them a reason to live right. It does, and you know we expect we demand that they get whatever they need medically, and I pretty much knew that overall thats what they get, but this is so far beyond just a medical problem or a medical rehabilitation in a room with a bunch of machines and physical therapy, which is all very important, but when you get them outdoors in competition,
sometimes a pretty rough contact. Sport like Quad Rugby, you can just see the blossom and the change in attitude, and it was an incredible time for me. I think I did it about eight years Ainsley. You know I love to think about what God has given all of us, and God has given you. You know youre, beautiful and God allowed that and your talents as an actress to touch the lives of so many people and then, when our veterans come home and theyre disabled. What is their reaction when you walk in their hospital room or you put a medal around their neck? Its amazing, I mean I never thought I could be. That impress anybody that much, and these are young men and women who have chosen to serve so they already have another mind set that most of us dont have, and so it was an honor. I always thought I was the lucky American who had the opportunity
to say thank you in person Ainsley. Well, I know that gives you so much satisfaction and in a different way than youre acting, but in a monumental way, youre able to thank the people that are out there, our heros. I know your dad served your step. Father served your late husband served. So thank you. Theyve, instilled in you some great qualities bo, and we wish you all the best Tell John Cor Bin hi and thank you for.
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