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Brad Blakeman: Democrats on banking on chaos to steal 2020 election

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Firm predicts Biden will swipe victory days after election; former Bush-Cheney campaign senior adviser Brad Blakeman reacts.
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When you add a base ends labor Day, when every legitimate vote is when every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to the final day, which will be some day after election day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that a mirage it looked like Donald Trump was in the lead, and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted. Emily welcome back to Fox AMP friends, Bloomberg Sunday group warning of looming chaos come election night. The firm ceo predicting President Trump will appear to win big on November third, but that Joe Biden will be declared the winner days later, once mail in votes are counted here. Now, former senior adviser to the Bush, China campaign and former special assistant to President George W Bush, Brad Blakeman, you say weve learned nothing
since the year. Two thousand tell us why the chaos in Florida is to look like a blip on the radar screen with what we are likely to see with massive mail in voting and changing rules at the last minute and have the rules really tailor to what you need to win. Rather, what the results are in Florida there were sixty seven counties as to it was uncertain who the winner was, and there was automatic machine recount throughout the state, but only manual recount handful of counties. So the best lawyers came down there, the political operatives, the communications people you magnify that over several states and hundreds of counties and youre inviting chaos. I think thats exactly what the Bloomberg people are doing. They are setting the table for chaos and confusion, intimidation and uncertainty, but I dont agree with them at all. With the result, I agree with them that theres going to be confusion, because Democrats are banking on chaos.
In order to steal this election, it was done fairly and openly and with uniform rules. I wrote for Foxnews dot com over two years ago, a warning that we havent learned our lesson and what we need in America is federal, uniform voting standards and federal elections to ensure that the elections are free, fair, open and same rules apply to all Emily. So, besides lobbying for that same uniform approach in our final days, what can viewers do at home to prevent against this chaos? Then best thing they can do is vote absentee, get their not by mail request, absentee ballot get it in and if you can appear at voting center in person early and make sure on election day, you show up to vote in person. That is the best way to take any human contact with shenanigans
out of the equation. If youre allowed to count votes after the election, you know exactly what you need in order to win, and that is not fair and, I think thats what Democrats are banking on the ability to skew the vote Emily now you disagree with the chaos prediction, but what is the worst case and what is the best scenarios that you see coming out of November briefly, the best case scenario is again: people voting early, showing up to vote, and- and that is the way to take any human contact political contact out of the equation. In voting and counting the worst case scenario, is you have multiple jurisdictions? Changing the rules in the last minute and people are uncertain on how to vote where to vote or mail in voting massively. That creates chaos and tabulation and extends the time in calculating a winner thats the chaos that could come very certainly with
different rules and different jurisdictions and targeted to those jurisdictions where the rules need to be changed. Emily Brad Blakeman always a.
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