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Breakfast with 'Friends': New Jersey voters express support for Trump

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Diners at Bacon Beach Grille in Long Branch, New Jersey weigh in on the 2020 presidential race.
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Send it back to you Steve Great, thank you Ainsley thanks Jillian. What do voters think Brian PETE Hegseth live with breakfast with friends at the bacon, grill long branch, New Jersey, PETE, the beach, is right around the corner. Have you seen the sun set amazing here in long branch at the bacon, beach grill? We are now in what I think we are going to call the secret gashed back here used to be a parking lot now with the outdoor dining as they are doing the best they can. They moved it outside, and some great folks joining us here this morning, including this wonderful family over here, Maam whats, your name, Ingrid Garcia. How are you these? Are your children and husband, my husband PETE? You came from Peru in two thousand and three, obviously you are supporting the president. Wife. Is that because, when I came here, I got better opportunity. I got better education. My kids will have the same and better because Trump is changing
things around people that believe socialism is good. They are wrong. I came from Peru. My neighbors come from Venezuela. I traveled to Venezuela when I was their ages, beautiful country and now its destroyed its sad to see people that always always had everything in their own country. Right could work with their own children. Now they have nothing they eat out of garbage. I went to per rough in two thousand and eighteen they were in Peru, asking for work when they had more than we did. They were doing better than Peru. This is America, the land of the freedom. This is the landing of opportunity, thats, where my kids are going to be, and people say: oh, you are from Peru. You are going to get deported, I can get deported, but my kid will be here: dont, be afraid, dont be afraid to say Trump is my President dont be afraid people trying to deny that
trying to ban us from saying that Trump, two thousand and twenty PETE, I think we found the star of the show folks. What do you think applause, PETE Well said Maam? What is your name? Will you own an auto repair and detailing shop? Yes, you heard about the good year story. Can you wear black lives matter, not blue lives matter or that trump gear? What do you think about that? I think its a shame that I think its a shame that, whether it be sports or athletes or now make cars for tires, they are trying to get apolitical its really destroying a way society functions in a whole. You cant put a certain set of tires on your car. Without having to worry, should I have to justify who im buying tires from the tires? Are overrated as it is, I dont even sell them in the shop purelllys. You debate League champion whats your name bud.
Evan, you are the champ. I need your take when Joe Biden debates Donald Trump whats, your prediction. I predict that Donald Trump will possibly know everything he is about to say and have a come back for it pretty much thats. What I do when I debate when I debate, I think about what theyre going to say when they say it: im already ready for it PETE and what about Joe Biden? How is he going to do laughter PETE there you go thats why? He is the champ. Thank you very much appreciate it. Cheers and applause PETE raising him right, Sir whats, your name PETE Mike sorry, I have to be so distant from you. You know how it goes. Whats your background, im Sofia employed. Have you seen the Dnc whats your reaction to the it catch two speeches last night by mistake, I turned the channel on and I didnt change
im just disappointed the total lack of respect for anything. Donald Trump has done. They praised him when he brought the hospital ships. They didnt mention it again. Didnt use the hospital ships people in thirty years, blaming the man who has been there for three years for every problem in this country, its crazy, its crazy PETE very well said, sir. Thank you for your service. Thank you PETE. I appreciate it. Whats your reaction. Last night, former President Obama really went after the sitting president in an unprecedented way talking about unit, yet I call sixty seven congressman not going to President trumps inauguration in the first place. So your reaction to where we are with the Democrats, I just dont- get the idea that everything Donald Trump does is hateful for racist or whatever. They always use negative terminology to talk about the President of the United States. I didnt vote for Obama, but I
took his eight years kept my mouth shut and went about my business. These people dont understand that thats the way it really works. You should use common sense. When you deal with the President of the United States, the most powerful office in the entire world, I respect everybody. I give them all a fair shot. I think that probably the Democrats have to learn a lesson from this. They are going to be beat, they are going to be beat bad and they did it to themselves. Nobody else PETE. Thank you very much, sir. I recognize that logo thats core make sure we can talk to each other. I love it. How about that guy? You cant beat that crop of folks. I just stumbled upon them in the secret garden, more from the Bacon Beach grill shortly Steve, fantastic PETE, really, nice social live distanced, diner.
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