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Breakfast with 'Friends': New Jersey voters react to third night of DNC

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Diners at Bacon Beach Grille in Long Branch, New Jersey react to night 3 of the virtual Democratic National Convention.
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Thank you, Steve nineteen minutes. Now, before the top of the hour Ainsley, you heard what the polsters said. What do you think the voters are saying? Brian PETE Hegseth is talking to them over breakfast with friends at Bacon, beach grill in long branch, PETE talk to the people, wont you PETE. I will, of course, guys invented this. Now we get a chance to do it. Finally, back out with the folks bacon, Beach, Grill New Jersey to bees of people out give Fran and Bacon Beach grill credited secret garden back here, get to those folks, hopefully nut 700 hour. They have been creative like a lot of businesses in finding ways to serve customers and be open. If you are out here on long branch check it out beautiful beach season. As you can see, I wore my flip flops just in case we get a chance to go down to the beach enough about that talk to the people here about the news of the day we will get to the Dnc in a second, this fine group of folks. We have been chatting it up all morning long. That gentleman is big. Al big AL right, heck of a nickname. I love it.
First of all your reaction to the Dnc thats gone on this week. I really dont have a reaction. They are not impressive. They havent done anything in forty four years and I dont see them doing anything going forward. Pete. How about you policeman? Have you watched a little bit of it? I have only watched a little bit of it. Big blame game. Instead of doing what theyre going to do for us, theyre busy pointing fingers at Trump, it makes no sense to me PETE, absolutely Maam. Is there anything Joe Biden is going to talk tonight? Is there anything you will wants to hear from him or would want to? The best thing. Can I hear from Joe Biden is that I am stepping aside Trump deserves to win laughter PETE. I dont think we are going to hear that tonight, but you never know. I do have to ask you, though, the good Year story, where good year tire says its acceptable to wear black lives matter or Lgbtq gear, but not accept to be wear blue lives matter or all lives matter or Maga. Hats whats your take and they say they are not political. I say: go Firestone,
you think people look for another option, absolutely absolutely im a car guy, im, Firestone or Cooper PETE Maam. Does this surprise you at all, not at all its just the political statement? They should not be making a statement like that and new. They have a fallout from it PETE they are absolutely PETE. Thank you very much. We appreciate it keeping moving our way. Some folks want to talk and some dont thats how we are working it out this morning, sir, you are a Democrat. I am PETE supporting Joe Biden, your thoughts on the convention and how its going so far, what I enjoy is seeing the largess of the tent Whitman and Collin Powell coming into the game you. What does Chris Steeb Todd, Whitman agree with AOC or comrade Cortez on the environment is certainly her big thing and it always was. She is environmentalist of longstanding, which used to be big deal with the Republican Party,
PETE thats, a good answer. I dont think they agree on much else. I agree on that. Come on back. What is that ketchup very important? I will do. The awkward stand over here know will probably stand over here. All this covid thing, Sir whats, your name again MIKE Jones whats, your background, retired police sergeant from Elizabeth and you, Barbara Jones, small business owner. Thank you for your service and for you you are an independent, very much so PETE you are independent, have not voted for Republicans, often once in my life. Yet you are supporting the president this time, why supporting the republican ticket? Why is that sir? I usually consider myself to be Cixd of a leftist, but the left has left me. They have gone a little overboard too far tore me PETE how about as a law enforcement officer the defund, the police stuff? Is that part of it? It is part of it and the false narrative.
I think, ninety nine point, nine percent of the cops are out there doing the right thing and we dont support the guys that are doing the wrong thing. More emphasis needs to be put on that PETE Great Point: Maam. You are a small business owner as well. Yes, PETE. What have you faced in New Jersey? We were closed almost one hundred days now that my business, which is a salon, is open, its still very difficult because there is less disposable income out there. I think in society and some of my small business friends are going to go under if everything doesnt open up soon, PETE thats the point: can they make it? I dont know I have had my business for seventeen years, so I am holding on which is great for me, but I worry for my friends who have small businesses, the restaurants that Ares clean up the you know to indoor dining et Cetera, the its going to be really really tough for people to hold themselves together during this time. Pete, you think open up and let people make a personal choice.
I think all my small business friends are doing everything they can to follow the centers for Disease Control guidelines and things interest as safe as they can be yeah. I do think open things up and let people make their own decisions. Pete Joe Biden says: wear a mask for three more months. Have you got alternatives? I guess you are hearing from them more. We want to get to wonderful people who have come out, hopefully have more air time to get to them as well. People paying attention to, as you can see, not just the conventions but the reality of you who mandates and things in our country are affecting people and their businesses back to you, guys, Brian. Instead of giving people a chance to have indoor dining keep people outside and slowly starve, the restaurants of a chance to make a living, its unbelievable Steve, but there they are at the are out at the bacon.
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