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Breaking down the Jacob Blake case

2020-08-30 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former homicide detective, weighs in on the Jacob Blake case.
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No justice, no peace, no justice, no peace will the family of Jacob Blake, leading a march in Kenosha, W4Q2Gfj55, 9aazkecizi, Qy, U3Ok, 0Y Vhyw, leading a march in Kenosha yesterday, as president Trumpl 5ghhv7f Tuesday, the police union giving DOT Ru account of the incident, claiming Blake was armed with a knife and forcefully fought with cops, but Blakes lawyer is insisting Blake posed no imminent threat to officers here to break down the facts: Fox NEWS, contributor and former d dot c homicide, detective TED Williams, TED. Thank you so much for TED. Thank you so much for being TED. Thank you so much for being with me today. I want to do as much as we can in the short time we have together to break down the elements, the facts of this case. Anyone whos seen the viral video and protesting on the street have come to the conclusion that there was an obvious injustice, not just a tragic incident, but an injustice lets start with this. What is the standard TED to establish? There was an unjustified use of force when it comes to law
enforcement. Well, the circumstances of the case will, and in this case of the shooting here of Jacob Blake, there are more questions than answers. Let me take you back to August 23rd at around 500. In the afternoon the dispatcher with the Kenosha Wisconsin Police Department, 04A3Cu Wisconsin Police Department, received p. That said, Jacob Blake was at that location at her residence and that he should not have been there, and at that stage the dispatcher sent several police officers. One of those police officers was a officer by a officer by the name of a officer by the name of Rushton. They arrived on the scene. It is not known at this stage as to whether they knew that there was a warrant for a sexual assault against Mr Blake, but
at some stage or another they attempted to arrest. Mr Blake, Mr Blake resisted that arrest and as a result of resisting two officers fired their tasers. It had no effect at that stage. Mr Blake moved from the rear of the passenger side of the vehicle around to the front. Now, at that stage, the police officers have their guns on Mr Blake, Mr Blake. At that stage opens the car door on the drivers side of the vehicle and lean in Gvnzh32Nvis2Mxmmcjka g side of the vehicle and lean in Ampltixg Gvnzh32Nvis2Mxmmcjka g at Thatb time, hes his shirt and times, and shortly thereafter Mr Blake is taken to the hospital and those are the facts, as we know of the case, will I appreciate you laying out those facts now TED? If we can lets ask ourselves which of those facts, inform us as
inform us as to whether or not inform us as to whether or not this was a justified use of force? I believe the standard is. Would a reasonable officer have feared for his life in that situation? Is that the standard we would use to determine whether or not it was a justified use of force? Well, thats, the absolute standard will okay, and this is the key to part of the case. There are allegations that Mr Blake had a knife now theres a question as to whether he had the knife on him, but it is also alleged that a knife was found on the drivers side on the floorboard there. So when you talk about what a reasonable officer would do, that is the big question we dont know: weve, not that heard from the officer will right and if hes saying he was in fear of his life, he was justified, will well thef0ono all these facts. You lay out he all these facts. You lay out. He
was tased not once, but twice he put the officers in a head lock. These all seem to contribute to that standard. Answering the question, but I have to ask you this TED. What about the fact that Jacob Blake had his back Blake had his back turned to the Blake? Had his back turned to the officer he was reaching in yes, but the shots were in his back. Does that suggest that a reasonable officer should not are feared for his life? No, no! You can not use that just because his back was turned to the officer and its not so much the reasonable officer standard its. What the reasonable officer would have seen under the circumstances will right, if he believed, will TED im up against a hard.
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