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Brett O'Donnell reviews game-changing moments in past debates

2020-09-28 | 🔗
Presidential debate coach Brett O'Donnell looks back at the biggest game-changing moments from past presidential debates
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A busy day in Louisville, thank you, Ainsley Ainsley. Thank you, Steve final preparations underway ahead of tomorrows, first presidential debate, which will be moderated by our own Chris Wallace here to break down the biggest dos and donts learned from past memorable debates is presidential debated, coach, Brett Odonnell, who has previously worked with George W Bush, Mitt, Romney and others good morning to you good morning, Ainsley Ainsley great to have you on again lets go through some of these memorable moments, the first one, one thousand nine hundred and eighty Reagan vs Carter. When Reagan said there, you go again watch this. These are the kind of elements of a national health insurance important to the american people. Governor Reagan, again, typically, is against such a proposal. There you go again Ainsley Brett. How did that help him? Well, it was a memorable line that enabled RON Reagan to turn back the argument that Jimmy Carter was making up to that point in the campaign. First of all, this was the only debate that Carter and
Reagan had in the nineteen. Eighty election and Ronald Reagan had been complaining about Carter. Miss appropriating Reagans position on issues, so he used a very memorable library that highlighted the fact that Carter was wrong on reagans positions. It was what captured the imagination of the press in the debate and effectively allowed Reagan to say you are mischaracterizing what im saying Ainsley it went over so well that he did use that line in several debates in years to come as well. This in twenty twelve, when Romney was on stage with President Obama or actually on a platform. They had an audience. He used that phrase binders full of women watch this. We took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had background that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of womens groups and said: can you help us find pokes and they brought us whole binders full of women Ainsley? That was about payee quality guy? That hurt him because it was a gaffe. It was one of those negative
moments in the debate that can sort of wipe out the rest of your performance. Thats. Why? You have to be very careful what you say on the stage its important for both the candidates to be rehearsing, how they are going to answer questions on positions. If you make that sort of mistake, it has the ability to sort of wipe out everything else that happens and causes the press to focus on a negative moment. Its the kind of moment that you dont want to have it was a mischaracterization in the coming days. After that debate, Romney was executed by the press for saying binders full of women. It looked out of touch, and so it was a negative moment that really hurt him Ainsley. It can make or break you. This is probably the most famous one from nineteen eighty four Ronald flipped, the switch on the Mondale. He was talking about Mondales, youth and inexperience. Watch this I will not age an issue of this campaign.
I am not going to exploit for political purposes. My opponent, I was youth and inexperience laughter, Ainsley, Brett, even Mondale is laughing. That was very good. Mondale knew he had been had at that moment. It was game over not just for that debate, but the campaign, the question of the campaign was whether or not Ronald Reagan was up to the task. He had had a poor performance in their first debate and everyone was questioning whether or not Ronald Reagan was too old for office that one line made it effective argument. It was the moment of the debate. It was a the message that they wanted to push in the debate, and so Reagan was able to capture both the message and the moment of the debate to drive what they needed to, which was. He was very much up to the task and he went on to defeat
Mondale very handily in the nineteen eighty four election Ainsley Brett Odonnell. Thank you so much for being with us.
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