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Bruce: Democrats eliminating gender language completely stomps on the people they say they represent

2021-01-05 | 🔗
The Democrat-led House approves gender-neutral language rules in the new Congress; Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce pushes back on the 'obscenely Marxist' gesture.
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The Democrat led House kicks the Democrat, led house kicks off the one hundred seventeenth Congress with new rules, removing gender terms like mother, father, aunt and uncle will be replaced with parent and parent sibling, but Nancy Pelosi who announced this resolution still has mother and grandmother in her twitter bio. Why is the left so intent on changing the meaning of words? The presence of that organization? Tammy Bruce good morning to you? I know you have a good heart and respect other people, no matter what they choose to be as it comes to gender and you respect others, but you agree with making these changes know and specifically, for the reasons you are saying, I respect everyone. This is another example of Democrats completely stomping on the people they supposedly represent.
They say this is about efficiency, changing these words to honor every one that exists. This is about ideology, and let me suggest this is really not about efficiency at all. This is about eliminating any. This is about eliminating any word that refers to the concept of biological sex and reduces all of us a lemonades, the value all of us, a lemonades. The value of the individual and our uniqueness has individual. You have to do that, because the strikes to the notion of what family is, which is different for everyone watching this program once you do that you illuminate the value of family by eliminating the idea of biological, sex and individuality, and it affects the nature of faith and to find the family together, allowing more power for the centralized state lets not think this is some passive thing, some might say radical. I say Birx, the Marxist, I say Birx, the Marxist
as an example: trains people are not fighting effectively with looking at the supermajority who are not, they would still be your brother or your sister. This is the key, also a deconstruction of what it means to be female means to be female. The word mother means something. Every woman was not watching knows it. Every kid knows that mother is a specific identity, as is father, and that is important as well. When you illuminate this, you are wiping away key elements of our identity thats. The reason for this. This is a test, and why would this is a test? And why would only applies to the rules effectively? This is a statement that this is how you honor people, and they expect this to move through legislation and other things written in the house. What, if you disagree?
What, if you disagree, are you canceled? That is it then youre, a bad person, homophobe or transferable. That idea itself is an insult. Is a gay woman. It is an insult to me. I love being a woman that is part of my life. It is how I identify trans people have worked very hard to become either a man or a woman. They didnt work hard and they didnt work hard and change. They didnt work hard and change their entire being to not be identified as anything. This is a radical effort to change once you control Language, you control the future. This is what the left. This is the key something every one who cares about all people across cares about all people across the spectrum must stand up against, especially gay people and trains, people and binary people non binary. People who feel this is for them. Their
existence is even more heightened and available and recognized as unique, recognized as unique individuals. Nobody, I know feels everybody else has to be wiped out as the excuse to recognize everyone else. That is a leftist framework. It is an excuse, it is not true and it is a lie to create larger bigger government within which especially minorities suffer tulsi. Gabbard brought up a good point, shes a Democrat who didnt agree with Nancy Pelosi on Tucker last night. She said by manning the college with a we are women. We are not empowered as a sex. Women have worked so hard to get to the top to break the glass ceiling and by not acknowledging we are woman. What does that do in the future, to our six it eliminates recognizing our accomplishments because it has been accomplishment.
The fact is, there is sexism. There is racism. There is homophobia if you illuminate the framework of our identity that we work hard to overcome and to succeed by especially as women. That is the deconstruction aspect, the e reader of the impact in the scene. You cannot argue your feminist and care about the future of women if we eliminating the ability to eliminating the ability to identify, as who we are.
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