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Bruce: State leaders putting control over common sense with COVID-19 decisions

2020-07-22 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce calls out N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy and N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo for their handling of COVID-19.
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I think that we are being hounded by this date, because we are pushing back against a very, very clear political agenda at this point and weve become a thorn in the side for Governor Murphy and my partner, and I are not willing to back down. This is the weaponization of these offices that are meant to serve and protect people and theyre, clearly being used to punish us Ainsley, a new Jersey, gym owner, taking extraordinary measures to stay open, as he fights to keep his business from from closing our next guest is calling out state leaders from putting control over common sense here to explain Fox NEWS contributor, Tammy Bruce Good Morning, Tammy Good Morning, Ainsley hi, there Eaps Iowans hi there. What is your reaction to whats happening in this state and the gym owner saying he wants to stay open? Well, look thats, the natural american ethic. We our ans to haves risked their lives. Some died trying to
get here to get away from the heavy boot of government that toll them, what they could and could not do at various times during the day I know. Obviously, the pandemic has been serious, were all interested in our own lives, being safe and being healthy and our families, but weve noticed decision making by certain governors. Murphy is one of them who followed the New York model and Cuomos decisions, for example with the nursing homes. So here youve got politicians responsible for thousands of deaths based on their decision making to move Covid infected patients into vulnerable populations, and the next thing we know youve got these same individuals, Cuomo and Murphy. Making decisions that seem to be arbitrary are about the weeds of decision making out here in New York, its about where you can sit if you have to eat whether you have a drink that you cant be moving around, and these things change seemingly arbitrarily from week to week and Murphy is doing. I think
the same thing youve got governments nature is to control, and this dynamic pandemic has brought out the worst and the best in leadership and, unfortunately for New Jersey, its the worst and men like the gym owner and other business owners parents. All of us, normals are really going to have to support each other. In the aftermath, as we investigate why certain things were occurring, Ainsley is it political? Is it because were one hundred and four days away from an election, I mean ive, heard people say theyre, putting politics first and people after that? You know, I think initially, of course, there was clearly a dramatic reaction to what China did. All of this is Chinas fault, but were finding out about ourselves in the process. In the beginning, it was a genuine issue. Remember I dont know Ainsley are: do you want the fifteen days to flatten? Do you remember the fifteen is days to flatten the curve that was reasonable, but now look at whats occurring.
Then it becomes and we deal with this in our own lives. What do you do when you can do whatever you want and were finding in November, were going to remember in November theres going to be a lot of pawback in that regard, payback in that regard as a nation we have to look and be reminded, like after Katrina, officials confiscated peoples, firearms, it was determined unconstitutional and illegal, but they did it anyway. This is governments, nature and so good news for our citizens and our patriots, whether the gym owner or parents or others who want to respect the nature of being safe in a framework, but not at this framework of killing everyone. You know throwing gasoline on the nation and setting it on fire and it is an election year. That is not a coincidence. They want to keep this framework going of panic and chaos, I think in part, because they think it might hurt the president. They are wrong. Americans are not infants, we know what is going on and we
are going to defend our lives. The president, I think, is within that a framework he understands that, but this is not going to bode well for the Democrats in November. Ainsley Nancy Pelosi was on another network yesterday and called this Trump virus laughter. That tells you everything you need to know. We cant deal with the serious problems if the Democrats are not even willing to face reality, and that is the case in many dynamics. You know great segment earlier on your show about the violence in Chicago. What were going to be abled to do it able to do about it? The violence in New York, its not a coincidence, theyre finally, cleaning up in front of city hall because of President Trump saying hes going to send federal agents. This is chaos that they want to push out as far as possible, the american people aring being thrown into a political volcano, because certain craven politicians think that its going to get them something in November theyre going to have another message coming to them. This is unacceptable, no matter what your political party that
our children are being used as hostages when it comes to schools, reopening and our businesses are being destroyed, because some politician thinks that hes God and he doesnt care, because you with you know youre going to be cannon fodder because of the next job he or.
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