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Burgess Owens on defeating Democratic opponent to flip Utah seat red

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Congressman-elect Burgess Owens discusses flipping Utah House seat on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley, another republican Ainsley, another Republican, cutting into the Democrats House majority with a big election win. Brian Yup, former Super Bowl, Burgess Owens, defeating Utahs only Democrat in Congress to flip that seat Red Steve. Is he one of a dozen Congress members who flipped blue seats to the Republican Party joining us with Burgess Owens? Congratulations good morning, looking forward to chatting with you for sure Steve, I heard from our house statistician, Joe Concha, that you were the only jet to score on a kickoff return for one touchdown during the entire 1970s with the jets franchise. Congratulations for that those are days. Your body listened to what your mind had to say so long long time ago. Indeed, im just happy to get through the process for sure Steve people want to know about the process, because we have been talking about how the Democrats they never saw that blue waive,
because things like defund, the police and socialism hurt them. Mr Mcadams, your competitor, your opponent, the Democrat Party, didnt, really do him any favors. Did they no, and I will tell you im just so proud of the american people, always have had faith in the american people, utahens key point in american history: no more gray! We have to fight toward freedom. Son September, our country was built again fighting against socialists and marxists. You are right. My opponent didnt get any favors when you have the get any favors. When you have the leadership of his party heading into leftism, proud of the american people to give opportunity to hold off this process. We now need to make sure we keep the Senate. We do that. We will give our country a good, a good two years and then get back the house and really move forward with the policies that will give
our country everyone a chance to experience the american dream Ainsley. I know it was a close race. You fought until the end. Did you hear from Mr Mcadams? Did he call you had great conversation with Ben? He spoke about how much he appreciated the opportunity to serve this district and working with me on the transition thats. The way Americans should do it. We fight hard. We fight for our dreams at the end of the day, its all about the end game. End game is making sure our country moves forward. Our districts move forward and im very, very looking forward to working with my opponent, my former opponent, to make sure this is a great transition and that district four wins in the process. Brian, looking at other seats still out there, five of which Republicans have substantial, leads even bigger than yours. You are at one thousand seven hundred roughly over the weekend. I thought you were going to lock it up earlier Burgess in everything that you have accomplished in your life, getting drafted by the jets
becoming a star and going to the raiders and winning the super bowl. Where does this rank in terms of your accomplishment at this moment? What a great question I remember sitting in Super bowl: fifteen in the locker room with the raiders getting out to play the biggest game of my career thinking and looking around the room and seeing all stars gathering and so much respect for many years. I cannot believe im sitting here with these guys. I feel the same way now we have a team thats remarkable. I cant wait for our country to recognize and see this game changing team that were putting together and cannot believe im sitting with them at a time when our country needs these kind of patriots no more than we need now. So im thankful for the opportunity getting ready to hear from a game. Changing group and im excited about the process, Brian in President Obamas book that he has coming out. He says that President trumps election was a reaction to people uncomfortable seeing a black man in the White House. What else your reaction to that? Oh president, trumps election is what our country is all about. We bring ourselves together.
We are a country of diverse people, one thing in common: we are proud to be Americans. We now sees a Americans what were up against those who have made this country wore for themselves, and they still cannot say thank you. They cannot say. If I can do it, you can do it two different sides of the picture. Thank Goodness America is now voting for those of us who believe this is the greatest country in the history of mankind throughout obstacles we overcome and bring others on board with us by giving them hope they can do it. Also, thank goodness, for President Trump and Georgia, give us an opportunity to really put a wall between us and the socialists. Give us two senators. I tell you the next two years will be pretty awesome. We will do what we have to do to make it happen, Steve you flipped that blue seat red it had been held by MIA love up until a couple of years ago, but this was, I understand, the most expensive race for the fourth district of Utah in state history, Right Steve, you didnt have that much money in the bank until fundraisers by Don Jr
had you TED Cruz. You had Kevin Mccarthy, they all showed up and helped make you money and that undoubtedly helped you in the tv war. Let me tell you what im seeing in the times meeting here as a party, never been this united. What made that great somebody team I played with work is not just because of the talent because of the unity we have. We have that happening in our party today. I want to thank all accuse this country that not only sent the money but sent their prayers thats. What makes our country what it is by the way. This was nothing but race. This competition is all about policies and about principles and values thats. What we do best so lets not left the leftists divide us with all those divisive ways they do. It realize our principles and values first, keep that in front and our country will win in a big way, no matter who we are and background and color might be, Ainsley Burgess. You are a class act. Thank you for being on with us. I know your faith is extremely.
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