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California chef vows to keep restaurant open outdoors amid pandemic

2020-12-05 | 🔗
Owner of Slapfish restaurant Chef Andrew Gruel joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Plus zero percent interest for thirty six months ends Monday ends Monday. California, restaurant owners fighting back into new Covid 19 restrictions, put a end to outdoor dining in certain regions, heaters and plexiglas keep patrons safe outside our next guest tells officials. His restaurant will not shut down again. Andrew Ghul joins me. Thanks for being here, you listen to the protocols and authorities. You follow their guidance was now you say you wont anymore, why we follow the clients all along. We are one hundred percent on board with the science, but this is junk science. Zero studies prove dining outdoors will lead to any spike in cases any spike in cases.
This is all about politics. This entire story is completely marinated in hypocrisy, especially in California. The county supervisor voted to ban outdoor dining, then dining outdoor herself, Governor Gavin Newsom, talked about the protocols. You need to put your mask up between bites to eat indoors with his friends. Why is it they feel the rules dont apply to them and do they not care? Businesses like yours are facing destruction. I wish I had the answer to. That would be the most expensive political consultant, but seems as if number one they have taken this very lightly when the rest of us are taking it incredibly seriously to make these draconian rules and then just break them, not under the radar or months later, but literally in some cases within minutes of putting the wool in place,
maybe they dont believe in them in the first place, if you stay open, what do you anticipate happening? Anticipate happening? I dont know you got to figure out how these things are interpreted locally, what the sheriff is going to say, etc, but at the end of the day I hope reasonable minds take over and we can continue to let our diners design outdoors was I dont to speculate, dress up in a lobster suit to go across the patio. If you look at other places, weve seen Jim owners find hundreds of thousands of dollars into the restaurant owners taken away in handcuffs. Ultimately, they dig their heels in. You may be in for a battle.
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