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California churches joining the fight against COVID restrictions on houses of worship

2020-11-25 | 🔗
Pastor Che Ahn of Harvest Rock Church and attorney Mat Staver argue California Gov. Gavin Newsom implemented the 'worst restrictions of any state.'
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Jedediah, more churches, in Jedediah, more churches in California are joining the fight against Gavin Newsoms in person, worship asking the Supreme Court to intervene, arguing the ban is a violation of the first amendment joining me now, with more liberty, counsel, founder Harvest Rock pastor. Thank you both for being here greatly appreciate it. Matt lets start with you just from a legal perspective, just discuss your plans with respect to the first amendment and what you are hoping to get here in terms of an injunction well good morning. This particular situation is the worst in the country. In fact, California, Governor Gavin Newsom, has the worst restrictions of any state right now, no worship in much of the state of California. If you meet with one person any covers much of careful it, a criminal penalty up to a year in prison and a daily fine of one thousand dollars. We have a letter from the Pasadena prosecutor to pastor and harvest rock church, threaten daily criminal charges,
daily fines to the pastor, the staff and the parishioners, and we also have a letter from the local Pasadena authorities enforcing governor Newsoms order threatening to close the church, and it not only applies to churches. It applies even if you are in your apartment or your private home. If you have a Bible study or a worship with someone who doesnt live there, its criminal in California, its unbelievable and thats, why we are before the Supreme Court, because every day that passes, pastor and everyone else in the church faces potential criminal charges and daily fines, Jedediah pastor? What do you say to those who are deemed such services right now, nonessential in comparison to other services that are available to people? Well, I believe that the church represents Jesus and, of course, Jesus. The gospel of the kingdom has been essential for two thousand years. Where would the world be without
the relationship and the knowledge of Jesus Christ? I think about just even missions: the orphanages, the hospitals built in the name of Jesus schools established from im talking about all over the world from India. I have been to seventy nations and I have just seen the work of gods kingdom advancing beautifully through just social services and especially during the Covid 19, where people are depressed, the suicide rates are off the charts. Domestic violence is increasing, people need spiritual, encouragement, emotional, encouragement and also mental encouragement, and I believe that the church provides that and we have been essential for two thousand years. Jedediah pastor: did you see an uptick in Covid 19 cases when it came to gatherings? Because, obviously the argument here is that a church gathering by nature is a gathering of people and if that were to happen indoors, it could potentially lead to spread of the virus. Did you see that actually play
out? No, we have not had one covid case in our church since we opened since Pentecost Sunday. We encourage people with high risk underlying conditions to stay home and watch online, so our people have been very good, I would say maybe around forty percent of our congregation is meeting, but its still a substantial number and when people meet, we tell them to wear your mask to come. We take peoples temperature if they want the temperature taken and the once they come into the worship service. We have a large building and we space people out and there has not been one problem- Jedediah yeah. Well, I want to thank you both for joining us. We did reach out to Gavin Newsoms office. We have not heard back yet.
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