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California lawmakers reportedly gather for policy conference in Hawaii despite travel advisory

2020-11-18 | 🔗
Former California Republican party chair Tom Del Beccaro reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Ainsley some California lawmakers ignoring their states own travel, advisory and reportedly jetting out to Hawaii for a week long policy conference as their constituents are encouraged to stay home for the holidays here to react. The former chairman of the California Republican Party and chairman of the rescue, California, PAC Tom Del Beccaro, and also, I think I already said the former chair of the California Republican Party Tom thanks for joining us. What in the world? This is so hypocritical telling everyone to stay home, yet they are going on a vacation to Maui. This has been great to see you. This has been a junket for politicians. For years, the lobbyists spend a lavish money and trip to Hawaii, and just a week ago an advisory came out and an advisory, because the court slapped Gavin Newsom with an injunction saying you are not allowed to make rules so its an advisory not to travel
were told. We have to basically give up thanksgiving unless its your immediate family and theyre out partying in Hawaii. Oh, they are having meetings. There is a couple of meetings a day, but they are partying in Hawaii Ainsley right. We know how those conferences work, yeah, you drink a lot, you eat good meals, you go to the beach and go to a few classes and check the box and take your family. If you can exactly Ainsley what about Gavin Newsom, he had to apologize french laundry that very expensive restaurant. I hear its delicious, I have never been, but its in Napa Valley. He got caught there with too many people eating indoors. He had to apologize. What do you say? Absolutely? He was there with six couples, thats three more families than we are allowed to be thanksgiving. We are only allowed to have three families of ours. You cant have some stray cousin there. He is at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country. It is really good, but I have never been there and yet we are supposed to stay home. Keep in mind. He was just slapped down. In the last
election, his anti uber law was shut down. His cashless bail was shut down by the voters. Nevertheless, one party state Democrats have pure arrogance going to Hawaii. He has pure arrogance going to expensive restaurants and the rest of us. While we are just you know, plebeian Ainsley tell me about your fact: Rescue California, getting signatures to recall, Gavin Newsom. The court has extended our time, one hundred and twenty days to get the rest of the time he extended it because Gavin shut us down Rescue California, DOT, Org Gavin Newsom, his one man, one rule, has to end in this state Ainsley its such a beautiful state, and I hate to see the homeless problems and the drug problems there. Hopefully it can be rescued. Thank you so much Tom for being with us.
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