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Californians flee liberal-run state for lower taxes in Texas

2020-11-27 | 🔗
Lt. Col Allen West reacts to the mass move out of California to Texas.
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Crist Steinna, thanks for the live report in New York State Steve. Thank you. A memorial dedicated to veterans vandalized in Portland, Oregon, Emily Emily, the vandals toppling a statue and tagging anti american messages on the soldiers, monument honoring, those who monument honoring those who served in the wars PETE Colonel Allen, West joins us this morning. Happy thanksgiving! You see something like this on Thanksgiving a war memorial toppled. How far will the left go to topple the things that we value? Well, its a pleasure to be with you all and happy thanksgiving, and they will continue to go this far because for whatever reason we are not curtailing it. You know when I think about the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Memorial that was defaced up there in Boston. Those were the first black men who served in uniform for the United States of America during the civil war
and on Thanksgiving when we think about the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and coast guardsmen, who are not with their families, so that we can have a thanksgiving so that we can live in this incredible country to have a veterans memorial attacked by these domestic terrorists is unconscionable, and I think its about time, that our elected officials step up and stop these actions Steve right. Well, it is Portland. I know a number of people were arrested. It will be interesting to see how they are prosecuted. Ultimately, meanwhile, youre sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex right now, colonel and youre, one of people who moved to Texas and make that your home people love the fact that there are fewer restrictions and there are lower taxes. There is no state tax. In fact, when it comes to so many people are moving out of California and a lot of them are moving to the Lone STAR state over six hundred and fifty thousand people left
California, just in last year alone, and I think the number that moved in for a net loss of one hundred and seventy three thousand for people in that state of California. So what is going on in Texas, where people around the country are thinking? You know what, whether its a restrictions or the taxes or the covid or whatever I can work anywhere im going to work in Texas, well sure, and my last duty assignment in the army was Fort Hood Texas. I was blessed to be able to come back here to Texas some ten years later in twenty fourteen, when he got offered an opportunity to be with the conservative think tank. But what is happening in Texas is that you have the tenth largest economy in the world. Have you an oil and gas industry that has made the? U United State of America, energy, independent and energy resources? People like Elon Musk, decided to leave California and set up headquarters in Austin and Battery facility plant out in El
Paso, because we have all of the right conservative policies and the right type of principles and values that people want to come here. Liberty and freedom is the most important thing and we live by that motto, come and take it so thats. Why I its absolutely insidious that the progressive socialist left, the Democratic Party thought they could turn Texas into a California Illinois, New York and New Jersey, where everyone is fleeing in Texas, its s, probably going to pick up two to three new congressional districts in this round of redistricting because of the population growth that we are seeing Emily colonel. Thank you so much for that. We are so grateful to have you happy thanksgiving and best of luck in Texas, where undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of more people will be joining you shortly.
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