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Can San Francisco salons afford to reopen after being closed for months?

2020-09-15 | 🔗
San Francisco salon owner Erica Kious speaks out on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Deal Steve Steve, thank you, Jillian San Francisco, salons, finally, getting the green light to reopen indoors yesterday, after months of being shot down, can they even afford to reopen our next guest had to close her salon famously after that visit by Nancy Pelosi, not wearing a mask, and she says its too little too late joining success. Erika good morning to you good morning to you Steve its been months, and now the salons are able to open. You have been in that business for a long time how many are going to be able to reopen and how many are going to just say. You know what stick a fork in me: im done yeah, I would say alone in my neighborhood, sixty percent Steve wow probably have shut down. There is right now, if I can think
there is probably about four that may reopen. Yeah six months is just too long. We were supposed to open three months ago. I think we would have been a lot better off sure we were prepared and two days before our opening date. We were not allowed to open and then almost another three months have gone by yeah Erika your business before Covid was losing customers because of the crime and the filth that is now famous, unfortunately, and the lack of services as well. I mean San Francisco today is not the San Francisco of twenty years ago. No, not at all. We talk about that all the time I was there for almost fifteen years and its definitely like a completely differential city, its actually, if thats what I would have imagined, I would be
scared to death of the future of knowing thats of the future of knowing thats how it would turn out your future sun. Certain you permanently closed. Your salon go fund me page folks, across the country kicked in north of three hundred thousand dollars to help you yes set up somewhere else. You are trying to figure that out after you came out and showed the video, then Nancy Pelosi came out and said. You know what you set her up. What has been your reaction to her saying that about you? You were just showing the hypocrisy thats. What I was doing. I was in shock, to be honest, I was in shock. To be honest, I think my jaw hit the floor. I looked back on it and I wish she would have said you know what I made a mistake. I didnt have my maverick on. I felt safe. You know what lets open up all the hair
salons. Instead, she decided to go the other direction and blame me that I set her up, which I did not because I have had security, not because I have had security cameras in there forever. She was not wearing a mask she could indoors. We were not allowed to open outside yet Steve thats right. It was after this Tuesday she came in on Monday. It was supposed to be Tuesday, Steve, okay, real quick exit question. When are you going to decide where you are going to go when or where im sorry Steve, both when and where oh gosh im still trying to fifigure that out? I have some friends in Orange County. I live in Fresno. I will take the next month or two to look around and figure that out where im welcome, to be and im Safe, Steve im sure there are whole other states. That would love to see you, but you have family out there
when you make a determination Erica, please come back, oh, I will for sure.
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