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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Geraldo Rivera’s legendary career

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera and Bryan Llenas join ‘Fox & Friends’ to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
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Ainsley well this Ainsley. Well, this morning we are celebrating hispanic heritage month, Geraldo spent five decades going to local street reporter to network correspondent and beyond the man himself. Geraldo Rivera joins us along Fox NEWS, correspondent, Bryan Llenas, hey Guys, Geraldo hi, everybody Ainsley. We are so proud of you and proud of your career, and we know that youre from Puerto Rico, and you speak so proudly about that and we all just embrace you with that. Bryan had a chance to sit down with you to interview on Fox nation Right Bryan, reporter yeah shes been a staple on television, so long that you forget that Geraldo was the first hispanic american journalist to make it to the big time becoming a broadcast legend receiving more than one hundred and seventy journalism awards. While hispanic heritage month, we honor Geraldo and Historic career
Geraldo. I havent shaved mustache, since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight its like my here. I am soy latino for five years, Geraldo Rivera captured audiences with raw compelling and trailblazing style Geraldo. Sometimes I can be serious and sometimes flamboyant and the one thing I never lost sight of was my puerto rican identity. Reporter born in New York City, son of Lili Freedman, a jewish woman from New Jersey and Cruz Rivera New Yorker Army veteran and puerto rican, immigrant Geraldo, my dad Cruz Rivera Bayamon Puerto Rico. First, to graduate high school in nineteen, forty Cruz came to New York, literally Bryan on the banana boat reporter Geraldo got start in nineteen. Seventy after local news director noticed him in a tv interview
Geraldo. I was a lawyer for puerto rican active group. They would send me to Colombia, university school of journalism to have a crash course, and they would put me on the air at the time. Local news was all white pen reporter in nineteen. Seventy two as a young 28 year old, reporter Geraldo got his reporter. Geraldo got his big break, sneaked into Willowbrook, unannounced and Unexpect bid the school administration. We toured building number six. What he saw was unimaginable dozens of neglected patients, some naked others sitting in their own feces and overcrowded and filthy facility Geraldo. What we found and documented is a disgrace to all of US reporter. You took a lot of risk in the story and it really affected you Geraldo it didnt matter what the
obstacles were if they didnt put it on. I was leaving the Willowbrook institution and that really it started a movement that took a decade and a half to finally close, all of the big awful institutions reporter after Expose Riveras career soared. Will the real Geraldo Rivera stand up laughter reporter became anchor of NBC Goodnight America Geraldo Rivera applause reporter jetting from global conflicts, just as we were leaving the front lines yesterday, a mortar exploded, five feet from US reporter interviewing everyone from Fidel Castro to Muhammad Ali Geraldo makes me wonder what happens to boxing. His career took a turn: afters fired from ABC in one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. Four months later, he was asked to host a syndicated special on the opening of Al Capones Secret VOLT Geraldo. This is why we are here the massive
concrete chamber reporter the volt turned out to be empty Geraldo once in a lifetime where a pot of gold would be better than chasing rainbows largest audience of syndicated television holds all the rating records. I refuse to admit defeat come on guys reporter special led today time TV show where he talked to everyone from Whitney Houston to Charles Manson Geraldo. Did you tell those women to kill somebody? No. No. Reporter became prime time CNBC Anchor, but in time CNBC anchor. But in the wake of nine slash eleven attacks, he took a cut to work as correspondent Geraldo. I was in Pakistan in route to Afghanistan, theyre firing on us. It was very very decade from two thousand and one to twenty eleven.
My kids never saw me reporter in two thousand and eleven Geraldo was angling. The night Bin Laden does killed. Geraldo Bin Laden is dead, confirmed multiple sources. Osama Bin Laden is dead happy days happy days, everybody reporter at seventy seven Geraldo still has a lot to offer, but when its all said and done Geraldo, I want people to know that im a proud new, Yorker, proud American and its been amazing and amazing. Fifty years reporter, wow Geraldo Rivera has accomplished so much but frankly greatest legacy that he paveed the way for future hispanic. American journalists like myself to have future in television news, Steve, thats, fantastic, Bryan, Llenas, good job on the report, Geraldo Rivera. How would you grade that report about your life laughter, Geraldo, I think of Bryan. As a relative of
mine offspring, I gave birth to him and the others im very proud of Bryan and the job he did, for instance, the night of the rioting and the looting in New York, and he was out there steadfast courageous reporting for the channel. Every time I see what the young hispanic reporters that are on every channel now, every network, I feel an enormous sense of pride, Steve, Ainsley, thats, sweet Brian Bryan Llenas is such an investigative reporter? Are you concerned that he was going to find something unsavorily in your background laughter Geraldo its funny? I just heard from General John Campbell, who you say I was in pretty good shape. He said that I could outpush up you any day Brian. I said that youre in great shape, Geraldo, but you know I I love. I love what I do. I still love it im excited by it. As I said, I have different kinds of joy now when I have young reporters going out there and standing in
the hurricane putting their nose in the face of the bad guys a and you know, and the microphones sticking the microphone I just I feel kind of like a godfather now Padrino and im still active, but I love. I love my my next generation and the generation after that, my goodness, my sixth decade, now its been quite a run. Ainsley such a great guy youre, a friend to all of us, it looks like you had fun doing it sometimes shirtless Brian Laughter, Brian Great package, Bryan reporter all of his career is on Fox nation. Like a four hour special, I encourage everyone to.
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