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Celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day

2020-09-26 | 🔗
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Luke Snyder joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Will bass pro shops and Cabelas is inviting to you go off road to celebrate national hunting and Fishing day PETE here with all the hottest deals Luke Schneider Good Morning, thanks for being here? What have you got for us good morning, thanks for having me back national hunting and fishing day? As you said, the fourth Saturday of every September President Nixon put this into effect in nineteen. Seventy two, you know all the hunters and sports men and women all the tags. They buy fishing license it dont United States over a billion dollars back to our wildlife and fish, so its a great deal, a billion dollars yeah. Last time I talked to you guys, you know we got into the dirt business here we always had you covered on boats tracker off road. We are super excited about. This were just past our freshman season, but we have become the fastest off road company in the United States very quickly. You can see this unit right here
brand new for this year. Four hundred and fifty cc, it is four wheel. Drive its the most value, packed four wheel drive. Can you get on the market today? We are proudly assembled and made in the u dot sa by Technical Power House Tech Straun. They employ? U dot s labor! This thing right here is the eight hundred Sx limited edition. As you will see, it comes with bigger, tires brush guard and a 4500 pound warn wench. Most companies will upcharge for this stuff. We are putting it on standard and obviously we have our no haggle pricing, no matter where you go in the country or the world, you will pay the exact same price. You dont have to come in with a headache and messing with a salesman. What you see is what you get. We got flannel fest coming up here in a few weeks. We have a lot of action going on right here: tracker off road visit, tracker off road dot, com pete- I like it
Lucas as soon as you can bring some of those tracker off roads to the plaza here at Fox and friends. Will Cain needs to drive one all right will bring flannel for PETE Pete. I will take the flannel and he will take the tracker off road. Thank you. So much visit tracker off road dot com for.
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