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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Paula Deen!

2020-11-23 | 🔗
Celebrity cook Paula Deen shares her Thanksgiving corn casserole dish on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve Steve thanks Brian Thanksgivings, just a couple of days away and our next guest is helping viewers take their menu to the next level, are n a brand new Fox nation. Special Paula Deen is sharing her favorite holiday dishes. That will make your friends and family thankful for seconds and Paula Deen joins us from her very famous kitchen down there outside Savannah, Paula Deen good Morning to you good morning. Steve are ya, Steve, im doing okay, I gotta reveal that Paula and I have been talking during the pandemic. We are, for the most part, holed up at home, cooking for our loved ones and thats. What youre planning to do this thanksgiving isnt? It absolutely absolutely well be at our home. I dont know how many children will be there out of our family. Are they may be going in all different directions? Steve right, so this is going to be a different thanksgiving for us, but ill still have the same foods, whether its for three or for
four or for six? How about you Steve? We will have actually its just going to be my wife Kathy and me. The kids are traveling around, so theyre well see em on zoom its just so two thousand and twenty now Paul A La for the Paula for the folks who love you. A lot of people. Ainsley loves your corn casserole. It is delicious, go ahead and show us real quick. It is Delicious Steve, Steve yeah and I you know my thanksgiving special thats coming up state of E Steve Thanksgiving with a twist. I wanted this to be one of my recipes and I forgot it laughter so im so happy. I could share it today because I get so many requests for this and its so simple. Ive got a can of whole kernel corn that ive drained a can of creamed corn, a cup of sour cream, Steve thats whats, fantastic, listen are. It is so good
ive already been eating on the one that I have ready for you, its so good Steve. Look at that and then ive got a stick of butter, so Yall. Please make sure that yall add this to the Thanksgiving menu that I have shared with yall and im real excited, because I have shared with people how to cook a deep, fried Turkey, the safe way, Steve and thats key youve got to be careful. Youve got to be careful where you plug it in, and you know right Steve things like that right, it can be scary. You know when youre, using real fire and grease- and I used my deep Fryer Turkey, Steve Okay, Turkey, fry ier, and it worked out so good all right. So you just put this in the casserole. Now im going to be cooking, this in my air, Fryer Steve, of course, and in the air true IER ill
put it on three hundred and twenty. You know this cooks a lot faster than the oven, so but people at home, thats gonna use their regular oven. It would be three hundred and fifty for 40 45 minutes, Steve, thats right and then you put cheese on at the end. I do I do Steve. I sent Paula a picture because my wife and I were making some chicken cutlets in the Paula Deen our fryer at our house, and I sent her a picture last week. We love that thing because youre cooking, without using a lot of oil, almost none you dont, have to use any. If im doing french price, I may squirt a little bit of Steve Panel, PAM yeah just a little bit, but it has changed my life, Steve yeah. It truly has Steve and I gist want to tell everybody out. I just want to tell everybody out there. If you havent, seen theres a new cookbook
happy in a hurry laughter. You speak my language, its my language, Steve. Thank you very much and thanks to Paula Deen, because on her Youtube Channel, she made my sister, the lisas legit POE today toes and its fantastic to people who would like the recipe go to foxampfriends dot com and check out Paula, Deen Thanksgiving with a twist available now on fox nation. Paula thanks very much.
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