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Celebrities threatening to flee country upon Trump reelection are 'cowardly': Michael Loftus

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Comedian Michael Loftus gives his take on rich and famous anti-Trumpers.
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Jedediah, music artist, Bruce Springsteen and Tommy Lee vowing to leave the country if President Trump gets reelected speaking to australian reporters, Springsteen saying if by some happenstance he should be, I will see you on the next plane, Tommy Lee, echoing the sentiment saying quote im out of here. I will go back to my mother land didnt. We hear this before. Did any of the celebs actually follow through lets? Ask comedian Michael Love, Tis! Welcome to the show these are the two latest Bruce Springsteen and Thome Lee. Are they following through, of course they will not follow through. We knew the celebrities were self centered. We knew they were stupid. We didnt know how cowardly they were. Im tired of people saying this Springsteen saying I guess it gives new meaning to born to run. If I dont get the president, I want im going to leave all right, youre, not the kind of person I want around im glad we didnt have celebrities like this in
World WAR Ii, listen Roosevelts, not! My president, I cant I cant fight on Omaha Beach, im out of here, theyre horrible. Here is the other thing. When celebrities declare theyre going to leave, we should have some new candy man law. F, you declare it three you times you have to leave dont. Let the door hit you when the Jedediah on that note, take a look in twenty. Sixteen. There were a lot of stars to pledged to flee. We show you a long list mile Sy Key Cyrus, George Lopez, Amy Schumer, a number of others cher, as we know, said that before my instinct. When I see this, who cares you have to have such an inflated sense of self importance than anyone? If you want to leave, you can leave just do it? Why the need to announce it, make this a big thing. Is this ego driven? Yes, they really think theyre that important.
They really think were walking around wait. What spring seen will leave and Tommy Lee? Oh im changing my vote. We should do a celebrity house, make them leave Bette Midler Tommy Lee Amy Schumer. They have to live in a giant house in the middle of nowhere like the Australian out back one by one theyre eliminated and have to get real jobs. The winner. We tell the winner they get to come back to America. No, we put them on a plane to Venezuela because they suck Jedediah. You know Michael youre, describing a reality show that I would very much watch me too Jedediah. That scares me a little bit. Of course it would be fascinating, but you have a great standup special that is coming up. It is for folks nation, it is taping October 21st at 700, p, DOT M in Nashville tell us more about it. I am super stoked about this. I did a quarantine special from my living room that went over
so well were doing a live show. Now I cannot wait. It is the 21st in Nashville Tennessee, some great folks, im Pro America im not down on this country, like these overhyped giant, baby celebrities, people loaf to complain. Other countries are laughing at us. They always laugh at us. Were America were weirdoes, we do do stuff. No one else can do they laughed when we invented the plane. We invented the transcontinental railroad. We went to the moon, we took a car to the moon because we wanted to drive up. There were awesome Jedediah, we are you a some Michael. I would agree by that. I just mean you and I thank you so much for joining us. Zanies dot com see it on the screen. Michael is hilarious. You should go see him. I sure will Michael thanks for being here.
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