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Celebrity chef Guy Fieri joins Barstool's efforts to help struggling small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic

2021-01-05 | 🔗
Food Network star Guy Fieri says that small businesses 'keep everybody going' and 'when you start looking at them falling off, they don't have the finances to make it through.'
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Ainsley the barstool fund has Ainsley. The barstool fund has raised eighteen dollars million, helping dozens of small business owners crippled by covid. 19 restrictions. You cant make this up be changed totally needs the business. This is going to help so much. I dont know what to say. You are amazing, Steve. The barstool fund is going full throttle with the help of celebrity chef guy Fieri good morning. It is awesome you are giving us much deserved exposure,
because the barstool team just rocking it ainsley- you were with us in March, when you launched the restaurant employee relief fund, you raised twenty two dollars million and barstool is on the verge of nineteen dollars million. Why did you team up with barstool with barstool Dave? Has it getting money directly to the employees or needed it at that time and the next level of this small businesses that were successful in doing good at operating and taking care of the community, the second or third round, not just a one time thing, but a program where, once the barstool fund gets involved, they continue to support this business and help them get back
business and help them get back on their feet. I am telling you the response is amazing. One hundred and forty thousand people were involved in this to support it and some big names bringing in Money Tom Brady, kid Rock Frank little. A lot of people getting in on this and recognizing small business is the fabric of our community Todd with this fund. It is small business when you watch those videos where a family member knows they are about to get the money and they post it. It pools at your heartstrings. It really does. These are all the people that we know the pest control business.
Although small businesses, a lot of people, have two jobs, three jobs at a time all the smaller businesses, not the big ones, keep everybody going. When you look at them falling off, they dont have the finances to make it through a month or two month, and if they did, it is gone by now, this large school fund, every donation, barstoolfund dot com- is the place to go. Where do I get ten bucks? That is for someone who doesnt have ten bucks? That is a lot of money, a great program, eighteen and a half and counting, and it will continue to grow and support Ainsley. It is a way of changing lives. You have been great.
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