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Chaffetz: Kamala Harris does nothing to solve Biden's enthusiasm problem

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Even California voters are not enthusiastic about their home state senator, Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz says.
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Ainsley Kamala Harris making Ainsley Kamala Harris making history as Joe Bidens running mate, our next guest warns. This pick will do nothing to drum up voter enthusiasm, Steve here, to explain Fox NEWS, contributor and former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz Good Morning to you good Morning, Steve nine months ago I was talking to a senior democratic operative and I said who are your top two picks? They said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fast forward to today. We now know that Joe Bidens Pick is Kamala Harris. She was always at the top of his list. Wasnt she wasnt she well. One of the positions lets get one of the positions lets, get rid of private insurance lets get rid of ice. Let redirect money out of law enforcement. These are not mainstream ideas
that are going to solve the problems of this country. They are going to take us in the wrong direction. Thats, why? I think Trump and pence are sitting in a great position and when America wakes up to what Biden and Harris bring to the ticket, I dont see anybody who gets enthusiastic about that Ainsley Jason. She checks a lot of boxes. She is a woman. You had one hundred black artists, filmmakers say you are not going to win Joe Biden. If you dont choose a woman of Color Soso, he did that. Like Brian said, she has a great record when it comes to education. She is very bright. She has experience as an attorney general and now as a senator, but is she motorcycle toast? Does she have like you were saying? Maybe not enthusiasm are those credentials, those boxes that she checks is that enough to win? I think America is going to reject her and Joe Biden because of their ideas and their policies. I recognize the historical significance of her joining the ticket, but I have got to tell you that
is starkly different than, for instance, Barack Obama had a lot of excitement. Bill Clinton has a lot of excitement. Donald Trump has it in spades, but Mitt Romney didnt have that kind of excitement and Biden and Harris I mean they are about as boring of a ticket as Walter Mondale. I just dont think anybody jumps up in the morning and say: oh, I cant wait to hear what they have to say today that just doesnt happen in America Steve. We are going to hear what they have to say today in Delaware, Jason. Thank you very much for.
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