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Charles Payne: ‘Stocks are up’ on news that Trump is recovering from coronavirus

2020-10-05 | 🔗
FOX Business’ ‘Making Money’ host Charles Payne provides insight into the economic impact of President Trump’s ongoing coronavirus treatment.
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Ainsley stock futures on the Ainsley stock futures on the rise this morning after the update on President trumps Health here on what is he watching ahead of todays open? Is the host of making money on fox business? Is Charles Payne, hey Charles hey good morning? In fact, stocks are up around the world on the improving news of President Trump, and maybe the idea that he could actually leave the hospital as early as today. Certainly this week you can see u DOT S markets, look like they are going to open up pretty strong. This is after Friday, morning or overnight on Friday, where the markets were down substantially when the news initially broke so markets around the world really cheering the idea that President Trump is recovering and should be back in the White House soon, Ainsley, so the stock market closed DOW Sampp and NASDAQ closed down. At the end of the day on Friday, as you mentioned, the futures are all up. Is that because the doctors came out and they gave an update, he is out in the motorcade
yeah. There is two things the president looks like. Is he going to go back to the White House this week, thats absolutely huge and by the way we closed down on Friday, but well well off the lows from the initial news where the markets went into free fall mode. Also, still lingering hopes that maybe there will be a fiscal stimulus package. You know we will see but thats the one two punch driving this market this morning, Ainsley. What about the debate last week and the debate this week? The vice presidential debate did that last week make a difference and what about this Wednesday? You know its interesting. The markets were up for the week last week. All the major indices were up so im, not sure if the needle moved a lot on that, we also had a lot of economic data. The majority of it was good. Economic data was good. The turns have been positive, we feel like the rebound is continues, but Heres the thing its slowing and so all eyes are really going to refocus this week back to Congress back to
potentially some fiscal stimulus and then perhaps back to the presidential numbers. Remember a lot of people were burned. Looking at polls, can I tell you right now the consumer confidence numbers. When you look atna in that survey, President Trump had a seven point lead over Biden when people which candidate would be better for their own personal finances.
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