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Charlie Kirk responds to DNC, says 'we have a country to celebrate'

2020-08-24 | 🔗
Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on what to expect from Republican National Convention.
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Didnt have to shut down Montana if the trouble was in New Jersey lets bring in Charlie Kirk the executive director of turning point: u dot SA. Is he joining us from Scottsdale? I believe so Charlie? You are one of the speakers tonight and you know I know you dont want to reveal your entire message, but we heard from the president in that interview with Steve Hilton that ran last night, where he said essentially that the Democrats had a grim message last week and their message. The Republicans starting tonight will be one of pot of andpositivity isnt that, because we are so exhausted by coronavirus, we are desperate for some good news. Absolutely we have a country to celebrate and we should do exactly that. We should recognize the threats that are facing our country, but also, I believe we want a president who is bold enough to go and confront those threats, not basically admit he is going to try to win the presidency by staying in shelter in place. We want a president who yes, of
course, respect the restrictions that are in place, but also show the leadership path forward and so im honored to be speaking tonight. Part of my remarks will be focused on one thing that the president talked about last evening and also part of his policy rollout, which is teaching personal exceptionalism. Some could say thats my day, job actually getting young people to love. America again, I think thats also, a very important point that was missed last week in the Democrat Convention was how there is a growing sense of rebellion amongst young people towards the history and the cultural of this beautiful country that we live in Ainsley. So, in an interview in the new Yorker President Obama said that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden they are really not. That different. Here is a quote from that interview. He says if you look at Joe Bidens goals and Bernie Sanders goals, they are not that different from a 40000 foot level. They both want to make sure everybody has healthcare a lot of time. The issue has to do with. How do we go about that and what are the coalitions needs? What I think the moment has done
is to change some of those caucuses, not because necessarily Joes changed, but because circumstances have changed. Why is he trying to link these two to sound so similar? When you look at their issues, one is extremely progressive and one is old, school establishment. Democrat. Do you think they are more alike than they are different on the surface? He very confusing because it runs Contra to the message. Democrats were spending time on last week to get moderate Republicans to go vote Joe Biden huge part of their programming. I think there is a deeper lesson. Some of the anxiety of the Democrats are. They have a base problem. I think Barack Obama is very cued in to this. I think Barack Obama is trying to convince so younger voters that hey Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are exactly the same. If you showed up for Bernie Sanders, you should show up for Joe Biden. They are seeing a democrat enthusiasm gap in some of the public polling. Reflects that I cant imagine how this is a good thing to try to win Wisconsin
and Pennsylvania to all of a sudden make the argument, oh forget about all of the hours of programming that we tried to dedicate to show Joe Biden as as moderate Democrat. Instead is he actually the same as the radical Bernie Sanders, its very confusing, but telling, in a certain sense that the Democrats, an enthusiasm problem, especially with younger, more progressive voters? Brian Charlie, you are one hundred percent right, President Obama, even his grit particular good politician. They wasted four days trying to say that Joe Biden is a moderate, ignore those people who said: is he going to get rid of fracking and ignore those people? Is he going to up Everybodys taxes and ignore cut definition, thats what he does ignore the fact that he is not going to defund police? No one can underscore how valuable you have been to the Republican Party. Your rise has beened me or Rick. Anybody who watches agrees appreciate impact is Kellyanne. Conway
talk about the loss of Kellyanne, her strategy, her knowledge of the electorate, especially suburban women. How are you going to be able to fill that gap? Kellyanne is a friend. She does an amazing job for the president. We must remember four years ago, a late addition campaign manager actually came the first female campaign manager to win a presidential campaign, Steve Historic. She did phenomenal job through targeting voters, Wisconsin and Michigan. I dont think she got the credit she necessarily deserved there. She was part of that late switch. We forget that was late August in twenty sixteen just about exactly four years ago, when she come in, and so I think I dont think Kellyannes involvement in the conservative movement is over. I have known Kellyanne for many years. She is very smart and works very hard. Those of Thawfs know her consider her to be a very good ally to the President,
Steve. She is taking time off to tend to her family, which everybody can understand. Charlie Kirk, one of the first speakers tonight at the big Rnc. By the way in the 1000 hour we understand there is going to be understand. There is going to be a special surprise every night Charlie. Will you tell us what.
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