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China has 'comprehensive plan' to steal US technology, secrets: Gen. Jack Keane

2020-09-25 | 🔗
Gen. Jack Keane on an NYPD officer being arrested after allegedly acting as a Chinese Communist Party agent and new sanctions on Iran.
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Brian secretary of State, MIKE Brian Secretary of State, MIKE Pompeo, revealing chinese consulate in New York is major hub for spies. In the u dot S the secretary telling New York Post, the Chinese Communist Party, is quote engaged in activities where they are crossing the line from normal diplomacy to things more akin to what spies are doing. Weve been watching this guy for a while here to react. General Jack, Keane, Jack, weve known this for some time I think whats really happening here- is that Secretary Pompeo wants to alert as the intelligence agencies have been doing. Certainly local government local authorities whats taking place, but because they are actually moving, not just with state officials but into parent teachers, associations thats, not something that would be normal traffic that they would receive, certainly
so thats, why the public announcements are here. What this is so our folks can understand this. You know Russia tries to disrupt our elections, actually interfere with the process, create chaos and undermine democracy. What China is doing is more about a positive footnote for China itself. Putting China put China in a good light. They are not involved in the election process and trying to disrupt it, but they are. They are involved in purporting whats good for Chinas national interest and thats. What this is about its so pervasive and they have very comprehensive plan to do everything, steal our technology steal our secrets and also, as we are seeing here, have influence campaign to affect american public opinion and create a favorable view of China. I mean for a guy to be the Nypd with marine background to try to get inside the american
community, while his whole family is involved with the chinese Communist Deliberation Army, its unbelievable, that its happening in New York cracking down in Houston, hope of getting the message of theft of intellectual property lets fast forward to IRAN. You were saying that the execution of the wrestler national hero, because he participated in protests against government, along with thousands of others, was meant to sent a message and we are coming back with sanctions on the country because of it. What message are we sending back jack yeah? Well, this is very tragic, and not people dont recognize how repressive the regime is internally and what goes on day in and day out in IRAN. In the last year alone, the wrestler is one of one thousand five hundred people that have been killed by the regime murdered sometimes put in prison, tortured like he was and then killed in that prison.
They have twelve thousand people that they have put in jail in the last year as a result of protest movements or opinions against the regime they have killed since they took over their own people who repressed against them and have the courage to protest against them close to one hundred and twenty thousand thats. What this is really about. You know they have this in common with China and Russia, any criticism whatsoever super sensitive about it because they know its so damaging to moral authority in running the reck, the regime Brian. What happened with you youve been a critical to IRAN and the stories are making a difference. How do I know? What did the FBI inform you about what IRAN is doing to you? Jack ive been involved with Jack ive, been involved with
the FBI and when I called for Salamani to be charged and including with Bin Laden, they got into my emails and tried to disrupt my international travel and recently, along with other government officials and other people. U DOT S, government officials and others who speak out against the regime. You know they have a trumped up trial and found us guilty of crimes against the iranian regime. This is another indication of how sensitive they are. Hey. Look at me: im, a retired guy from the United States military who has a voice in America dealing with foreign policy and national security on a son on somewhat of a scale, and they are troubled by that and thats how sensitive they are and thats. Why, speaking out against this regime, really matters Brian, absolutely
you struck a nerve because of the power you have and the respect you have in foreign.
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