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China is mounting an ‘influence campaign’ in the US: Rep. Waltz

2021-01-01 | 🔗
Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., discusses how U.S.-China relations could change under the Biden administration and new Congress.
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Why is it that you waited until after the primary to reveal that your business did business with a company in hopping Congress that was linked to the chinese government? Oh, this is utter nonsense. Are you concerned that, through a payment to a well known young Democrat, somebody linked to China or the Chinese through, another company could be trying to influence you come on man? You are a serious reporter. Do you really believe that a tv channel in Hong Kong airing an investigation that my company produced of ISIS war crimes in Iraq is what youre implying it is or David Perdue is implying that it is Jason with just four days until the crucial runoff democratic hopeful, Jon Ossoff is on the defense over allegations that he hid business dealings with a company tied to China, Florida G, DOT, OP congressman, sits on the China task force.
He joins us now to react. Congressman happy new year, hey happy New year, everybody I have got to tell you. I stayed up until 12401 to make sure two thousand and twenty was gone. Goodbye, Griff good for you. I must confess I couldnt quite make it, but I did see that clip we saw yesterday, Jon Ossoff, taking a page from the playbook of Joe Biden, come on man very defensive about his media. Companys ties to a chinese company whats your reaction. This is a problem across the board. I think whether its ossoff Swalwell, others that are being exposed guys. This is the tip of the iceberg of chinese influence in our politics. You are you discussed earlier in media movie companies, Wall Street Manufacturing, certainly our universities. This is a coordinated,
sophisticated and often very subtle, influence campaign across the United States, and we are awash with chinese money and the problem with the Democrat is they are not recognizing it for what it is. They are dismissing it. They are fleeing out terms, it was xenophobia, racism. What have you and the chinese propaganda machine builds that into their thinking that those terms will be throne out in thrown out to b im glad he is being called out for it. They are not just influencing members on the welcoming committee or the Shoe Shine Committee, its the Armed Services Committee, the intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is the Cheryl of the committee with the spy and her staff. So this is incredibly serious and we are going to keep calling it out everywhere. We can because it makes what the Soviet Union tried to do. Look like junior varsity city, because the amount of money that our companies, politicians and others are addicted to Rachel. Well, you are definitely
a China hawk. I know a lot of your constituent are very grateful for that. You say that down in Georgia. Much more is on the line here than just who controls the Senate. You have been saying that if the Democrats win both of those seats and take control of not just the Senate, but therefore all levers of government in the federal government, the executive and both chambers of commerce, you say our children may end up growing up in a socialist America. Explain! Well, you know its, not just America led by socialists, its a world led by chinese communists. The Democrats, if they control all of Congress and the White House, will systematically dismantle president trumps legacy in terms of standing up to China are whether again it is taking a tougher stand on IP. The shift in our military to take them on the progressives
have already called for at least a twenty percent defense cut and on and on across the board. The other piece that we have to understand is: if the Democrats take Georgia and they take the Senate, they will lock down power. Pelosi will drop the voting age. She already passed this bill once she will pass it again to drop the voting. To my knowledge, sixteen to eliminate voter id to do automatic same day, registration they will put in Will d, DOT, c statehood. They will stack the Supreme Court, so we lose that back, stop and then the progressive policies will flow through, and that is not a world that I fought for or a country that I fought for all over the world as a veteran and its not one. I want my kids growing up in and it all comes to a head on Tuesday in Georgia, congressman it start on Sunday when the speaker has got to run the gawntlet and get the actual vote.
She doesnt get those aocs and squad and those on the far left end of the spectrum. Thats right. She cant actually get that gavel again and there is a group out there called forced to vote the vote. They put out a statement quote we put the squad and house Progressives in office to stand progressives in office to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, statement, Democrats and fund them. This is rare moment where Pelosi needs something from progressives. End quote and the concern congressman is what price is Nancy Pelosi willing to pay? Probably anything in order to stay in power, and what is she give going to give up and what is she going to promise those on the far radical left end of the political spectrum? No thats right. So a couple of points there one is: she only won her speakership by a few votes last time when she had a much bigger majority. She had fifteen Tee Fox NEWS deck Tores.
She only won it by two votes. The other thing, the seats we just took back in this election Republicans took back were mainly their moderate seats. That means the progressives have more of a say, thats exactly the point. We have an environment in the house and I see it up close and personal, where the sauce is being made with the progressive agenda where folks, like Pelosi and Maxine waters, look reasonable because of so many to their left and thats exactly what they are saying is here. Is our agenda speaker Pelosi? Nancy? If you want to have that gavel again, this is what you are going to push through the Senate and on to bidens desk. Look we have. We will have a country that are run by Californians and New York, Democrats by Schumer, Harris and Pelosi and again thats, not one everybody is fleeing to Florida from those two states. They will nationalize their lockdown policy and then, where will we go Griff Congressman in the
moments we have left? Can I quickly get your reaction to a story thats not getting enough attention? In my estimation, that is the Trump administration just declassified intelligence, suggesting that China paid bounties on: U Dot S troops in Afghanistan. Do you know something? You know s about being over there? I do. I had a bounty on my head from the Taliban, which I took as a badge of honor, but this is incredibly serious. We regularly saw brand new Chinese made weapons all over the place when we captured them from the tall pan. We could never confirm for sure back then whether they were off the black market or being provided from the chinese government. I am demanding a briefing I want to see action if this intelligence turns out to be true. Here is why the only country in the world where we currently have a base that borders, China and their western provinces, that they are so worried about where the general size with the uighurs is going on, is in Afghanistan thats, why its important to keep that base and keep that presence
not just for terrorism but for China as well, Rachel congressman. We thank you so much for joining us here. On the first day of twenty twenty one, no one makes a cake case better you why we need in Congress. Thank you so much for joining us happy new year, goodbye, two thousand and twenty.
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