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China must be held accountable for coronavirus lies, economic 'assault' on US: Dan Crenshaw

2020-12-21 | 🔗
Rep. Dan Crenshaw weighs in on the new stimulus relief bill and argues China is 'all about lying to the world.'
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Restaurants, like those restaurants, Texas, g dot, OP, Congressman House Budget Committee, member Dan Crenshaw, joins US congressman. How pleased one to ten are you with what you know about the nine hundred dollars billion deal? Oh its about a seven or eight, I mean im going to vote for it. It doesnt have everything I wanted. As you noted the I wanted, the restaurants act in there. It does have an extension of PPP funding, which restaurants can take enormous advantage of and deductibility for those expenses too or the money you get from PPP is something we have really been fighting for as well. There is a lot of really good things. Many, I think money could be better spent in some ways: im, not a fan of direct cash payments that isnt targeted to people who havent lost their jobs or had their hours cut. You know I dont think people on my staff need a check necessarily from the government right. They have been federal workers on getting their paychecks their entire time. All in all, this is what was needed and heres. What really drives me crazy about this bill
is that this could have been done months ago as that business owner was just talking about after they have had the deal with these arbitrary, unscientific, lockdowns and 1000 p dot m curfews. Apparently, coronavirus is more dangerous after 1000 p, dot m. This is more nonsense, of course, enough to they have to wait on relief. Why did they have to wait on relief because Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats that enable her thought that? Well, they didnt want to give Trump a win before the election, and she said that she actually said that we have all been saying that she would do that, but she actually said it not that long ago I still cant believe this, and I cant believe that the american people would reward her for this. I hope not. I hope she is held accountable Brian. She has been held accountable because look at the margin of her majority in the house. One of the biggest surprises that not many people are talking about is, I think we have had a nine or eleven point difference, seat difference when the final votes are tallied, which is the smallest margin, maybe since world war I that has a lot to say what people are not happy with her
just to run through some of the stats six hundred dollars for any family member making under seventy five thousand dollars. Two hundred and eighty four presidential for business and the PPP program, eighty two billion for colleges and schools, seven billion for broadband, twenty five billion for rental assistance and thirteen oil 1 point three billion for increased nutritional aid. So there is a lot more in there. We will get some details when they finally finish. Writing it up something else. The least surprising thing that im going to be reporting on is China lied about how the virus started its lethality, how dangerous it actually was and how it actually started, even though they could have helped us before it hit our shores. Here is a quick excerpt of the story from the New York Times. China curb outbreak started in early January before the novel coronavirus had been identified. The documents show this: when infections started spreading rapidly a few weeks later, the authorities clamped down on anything that cast China in too
negative of light like poisoning the world. What does this say to you in terms of taking action from this? Well, you know we have been saying this for a long time. One of my favorite lies from the Chinese. Is that a bunch of u dot S? Army soldiers were spreading the virus in Wuhan wet market, as if its, our guys that like to go, eat that soup in Wuhan that one was comical on a more serious note. This absolutely happened. Lets also not forget that they stopped domestic travel within China to curb the spread of the virus, but they wouldnt stop international travel. They are all about lying to the world and we had to make guesses as a result. Luckily, President Trump did you know January 31st. He did severely limit all travel from China. Joe Biden called that Xenophobic has said in the past. China is not going to eat our lunch man. They dont take this seriously thats. Actually, my biggest worry. Those of us who are actually paying attention know very well what the chinese intentions are.
The foreign policy consensus from a couple decades ago, where China will rise as a partner with the United States, is totally over its not over the Belton Road Initiative, the made in China, two thousand and twenty five direct Asalse from economic perspective on american priorities, and we have to go into this with eyes wide open. What can we do about it? For instance, I have a bill that allows us to change the foreign sovereignties, immunity ACT and allow private actors here in the United States to sue China for damagings from coronavirus. Frankly, I also support another one that does the same thing for cyber security attack will pursue actors like Russia or China. These are the kind of tools that we have to put in our tool kit here and hold China accountable. Brian, do you know what the whole thing is congressman its not going to be a hard sale? Europe is wising up and Australia. Wising up neighbors are wising up. This is not either slash or they poisoned the world,
its the China virus and they are not being held accountable, real quick, full time thought yeah. I would also say to bring this back to the coronavirus or this covid relief package. We are also putting a bunch of money in there for rural broadband buildout. That includes laying down fiberoptic cable. That means 5g thats how we compete with the Chinese. We do everything better than they do, Brian, which we do, because we have a market economy where we are more driven thats why they have to got to steal our stuff.
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