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China orders US to close Chengdu consulate as China prepares to be evicted from Houston

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane offers insight on the state of the U.S. relationship with China.
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Brian break overnight Beijing, Brian Break overnight Beijing retaliating as expected against the: U Dot S ordering it to close its consulate in China. The move coming just hours before the chinese government is set to be I victimmed from their consulate in evicted from their consulate in Houston, China officials, based in the consulate, were targeting: U Dot S energy firms and also perhaps fomenting some of the unrest through social media. In U Dot S, cities lets bring in Fox NEWS senior strategic, analyst retired four STAR General Jack Keane General, the significance of this closure, and should we be wondering or worried about the fact they havent left? Yet we gave them seventy two hours and theyre still there. Well, they wanted to make certain they shut down. They have shut down when they leave they will leave. Definitely China will abide by that. I dont think we need to be concerned about it. The fact that theyre retaliating, by closing one of our consulates, tells you its reciprocal listen. This has been coming for
some time. The espionage operation inside the United States is significant, its prolific, its very comprehensive. The FBI director said about ten days ago: hes got about five thousand counterintelligence operations that hes conducting and over half of them are chinese and he gets a new chinese target every ten hours in this country. That is absolutely extraordinary, and one of the hubs for doing that, as you pointed out in the introduction, is the Houston area, because energy firms and medical research firms as well, it is a spying platform, as are all the other consulates as well. This is trying to get chinas attention that were not going to sit on our hands any longer were going to push back Brian. Why dont, you think theyre just going to say im going to wait this administration out, I think theyre, going to ill see who wins before I do anything. Well, I think they. Certainly our adversaries are doing that
Irans doing that North Korea thats. Why theres? No negotiations, the Iranians want, are unwilling to negotiate with President Trump to see if theres going to be another president, so yeah thats happening, but at the same time China is taking advantage of? U dot s interests and those of our allies and given given what has happened recently with their spreading the epidemic into a pandemic and crushing the autonomy of Hong Kong. Every country in the world, particularly those in the region but across the planet, are reassessing their relationship with China and what I see happening here, the administration has got a whole of government comprehensive. I approach to build a broad coalition with our partners and allies to stitch together a grand strategy to deal with China throughout the rest of the 21st century. We cannot keep going along the way we have been, which is
appeasement looking at them as a competitor only or an opponent, and not recognizing that they really are an adversary. They really are a predator. They really do want to replace the United States as the global power in the world and they truly want to dominate and control the Asia Pacific region. Brian right, that is those are their objectives. Theyre in writing and President XI talks about it all the time Brian right now weve got to use our allies to confront it. Brian for the record. Theres a new outbreak in the Far West in China we never get the details of it, but theyre not out of the woods in the virus that they started. When you look at Huawei over in the U dot k you look at, I think France is revisiting, whether its going to walk away from Huawei or not when you see that Australias reconfigured their entire military strategy against a China threat. You wonder if this is indeed a unique window for Americans to come together. Would you call for a group meeting and a joint statement? Would that really get chinas attention? Well, I think we already have
chinas attention. I mean there is bipartisan support in the Congress for all the sanctions that have been imposed against chinas banks and chinas officials, which is unheard of in the sanction business against another country. The degree that were doing that so yes Chinas, very much aware, given their presence in this country of what is taking place in the body politic with the United States and very much aware that Japan has got a defense buildup going on tie e WAN does Australia. As you mentioned, Vietnam is reaching out to the United States to partner with them. Yes, there is a shift thats taking place, which is good news. Countries are recognizing. We no longer can sit on our hands and deal with this, because Chinas got a very ambitious, aggressive and maligned strategy to dominate and control. Weve never had a leader like President XI, since MAO Tse Tung and hes put his ambitions on a fast track and weve got to be able to
stand up to it. Brian, hey General, now theyre trying to take advantage of the virus, and I hope we stand up to it. The: u DOT S space, force, genre, vealed that the russian General revealed that a russian satellite fired a missile into space last week, whats your reaction to that. Well, this is a path that the world is heading towards and its an unfortunate one, but you know space is going to be weaponizedded, and what were really talking about here is that everybody has an anti satellite strategy. Why? Because satellites control Brian everything, intelligence, communications, navigation and all of our weapons, telemetry is guided by satellite technology. So what how you take out a satellite is with a rocket with a missile with lasers or with another satellite thats. What this is about and thats why this is so threatening to everyone to have that kind of technology is truly weaponizing space, where satellites are firing, weapons at
other satellites to destroy them. Its ineffable that inevitable that technology would move in this direction. The only way to deal with something like this. We know how to do that is you have to have effective deterrence. You have to have effective capabilities to stop that from happening. Brian general, its always great. To talk to you, especially at a time with such consequential things happening between two world superpowers. You have it all in perspective general jack, keen you had a great jack Keane and you had a great segment and your Yankees.
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