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Chinese state media outlet mocks Trump after contracting coronavirus

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Editor-in-chief of a Chinese state-run media outlet mocked President Trump, claiming the president 'paid the price for his gamble to play down COVID-19.'
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Pete were back with a Fox news: PETE were back with a Fox news, ALERT Communist China sending mixed messages on president trumps, Covid 19 diagnosis, while chinese Xi Jinping wishes our president and first lady, a fast recovery in a now deleted, tweet, the editor in C chief of O of Chinas state run media outlets. There are no other kind in China mocked President Trump claiming he pays the price for his gamble to play down. Covid 19 lets bring in Fox NEWS senior strategic analyst and retired four star General Jack Keane Geneneral. Thank you so much its pretty rich for the communist Chinese to be talking about playing down a virus that they put on the rest of the world and state owned media dont, say things independently. What are the chinese saying and how should we react to it? Well, first of all I mean there is an international protocol, thats widely accepted among leaders of the world when one of them is having a challenge, like our president, has
theyre going to reach out with a degree of civility and support for the president and his wife, the first lady all that said, because President Trump has been unrelenting as a world leader in identifying, I think accurately, so that China and its leader, President XI, led a localized epidemic spread into a world pandemic, because he committed those international flights to come out of Wuhan City and we have held them accountable and now theres a broad coalition of support for that same thought process, and I also believe its been a catalyst for other countries around the world, PETE to kind of take a hard look at their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and reassess it in terms of what their goals are and what their own national interests are, and that reassessment has taken place and thats. Why you see Secretary Pompeo going around the world as much as he is, and Secretary of Defense Esper as well?
They are continuously talking about this hostile nation, China and imposing its will on the world at large, and now, I think, were in a position here that weve not been before in establishing a coalition and eventually a strategy with other world leaders in how to cope with this reality. Pete but general. Would that change in a Biden administration, it doesnt seem theres been any reassessment there. He calls them a competitor. Are they would they be greeted with a much different world? Were that to happen? Pete? I dont get involved in the politics of this. The reality is China wants to dominate and control their region, and they have been about that now for about fifteen years and theyve had a significant PETE general. I dont want to get political and, as a result of that success, they also want to get up. They also want to dominate the world and replace
the United States as a leader in the world, so that is not going to change, regardless of who is president. Those are very harsh realities. We have not faced a threat like this, like since the Soviet Union, its been thirty years. Almost since the Soviet Union collapsed and we dealt with that threat for forty years were going to deal with the threat of China also for multiple generations, PETE General, we know you speak with the president frequently have you had a chance to talk to him and get an assessment and sort of a corollary to that, as you think in a moment like this, how do you anticipate what adversaries may attempt to do as they view our system and a president whose at Walter Reed? Well, the president doesnt surprise me at all in dealing with Covid hes, vigorous hes, maintaining his duties? Hes got a very strong work ethic im, not surprised by that at all, and certainly, I think were all
appreciate- the optimism that his doctors are telling us that hes doing well and hes improving and hes not out of the woods yet, as we all know what covid does? Yes, our adversaries, certainly our National Command Authority, our command and control our national security apparatus that stays intact its not in crisis, its not threatened by this diplomatic post. The military is deployed and operating around the world on a same alert status. It always is, and our command and control is effective and there should be no concern but adversaries, as you mentioned, PETE will take advantage of this one of the things im convinced they will do because they are already doing it and that is undermining our democracy and undermine the peoples, trust and confidence in it. By spreading false stories and disinformation, which theyve been working on for montnths leading up to the election and whose doing that
China is doing it, Russia and also IRAN, they will try to change their stories. A little bit blame the president for having covid himself emphasize again. The United States problems associated with Covid blame the United States for much of the problem dealing with covid worldwide. They will use that kind of theme to create Miss trust in the Americans. Peoples, confidence in our government, but the people see through that and theyre not buying into that and the reality is were kind of used to this game that our adversaries are playing and the information influence business PETE yeah, just like we become unfortunately used to the game. A lot of the press plays to knit picking in what doesnt appear to be all that genuine of a way general Jack Keane. Thank you so much for your insight. This.
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