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Christmas tree delivered to U.S. Capitol

2020-11-22 | 🔗
Truck driver Theron Schmalzried describes the delivery journey on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Always gone gotta stay on that story, laughter with about a month to go until Christmas. America is coming together. Earlier this week a 55 foot Christmas tree took resident on the West lawn of the White House. Our next guest called the trip an opportunity of a lifetime that driver joins me now Darren thanks so much for being here. So the opportunity of a lifetime tell me about the drive across country with Capitol Hills, Christmas, treement laughter. Oh, it was pretty nice a lot of people on the side of the roads, a lot of people on overpasses waving flags. You know just taking pictures a lot of people driving by and videotaping it on the way by, thank God they was careful but yeah. It was nice a lot of enthusiasm and seemed
like a lot of people were happy or you know a little bit of something to maybe brought their spirits up from a not real happy year. Maybe will yeah happy moments for you, you drove across the country. I understand you stopped in ten different communities. How did you get picked to deliver the tree to Washington, D, dot c laughter? Senior driver for the company I work for apex transportation. I think that was it pretty much accident free and I think it was from the insurance and the guy that owns apex will. How was that you said people on the side of the road and overpasses? Tell me about the communities you stopped in. Did people come out and look at the tree as you made your way across the country, yeah well in Burlington Ill, tell you about Burlington, we parked at the fairgrounds and they
just was able to drive by they wasnt. You know they was doing the covid social, distancing and stuff theyd take pictures and some of them got to get out and sign a banner that was on the side of the side of the semi and everything yeah it was. This was really enthused the kids they kind of just lighted up I mean they was. They was amazing with that they really enjoyed signing the banner just kind of have their name go across country with the tree. You know, will right, youll have to forgive me. I havent yet seen pictures of the tree in d, dot c youve got to tell me ive seen the unveiling of the tree at Rockefeller Center. It turned out to be sad. How did yalls come out when the limbs came down? Did it look better than the one in New York laughter? Oh yeah, very much so the forest service did a very,
very good job. I think, in my opinion, with it before we left, it was looking really good ing, will thats good to know Theron. Thank you very much. Our nation has come to appreciate, I hope, truck drivers more through the last.
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