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Churchill Downs head chef shares race day foods

2020-09-05 | 🔗
All eyes are on Louisville for the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby.
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Will we are just hours away? Will we are just hours away from the 146th runs of the Kentucky Derby? Four months later than scheduled amid the pandemic Jedediah Ashley Astro Miami joining us live from Churchill downs with a preview of the race, hey Ashley, hey good morning, guys we are at the 146Th Derby, at Churchill, downs out there practicing and training. 515 yesterday show you a replay of the Oklahoma City winner. She dares the devil. One was a surprising upset today, its going to be a different look for derby its. There is not going to be the glitz and gram and hats and excitement because there will be no spectators in the stands. People are still going to be enjoying derby at their homes, which is why we have chef Dave here joining us this morning on set, and we have an amazing spread here. I know a lot of it has significance to derby, but im just going to hand it over to you. What do we have here good morning, thanks so much for coming out here today we are happy to be here.
We have a great little sample of some of the dishes we are serving. You know no spectators. We got were calling essential personnel some of the owners millionaires row. Obviously we have got to start out it wouldnt be derby without Mint Julep. It wouldnt right here, Mint Julep Derby pie raised short ribs. Here we have crab cakes and then a couple salads. We have a little apple, Fennell salad. This is one of my favorite tomato watermelon, salad. You have showed us how to make it real simple. I already had one one of my favorite salads simple, but fresh start off with a little bit of cherry tomatoes that we have cut in half. We have got some beautiful, fresh watermelon. We have died that up a little bit of red Unnone. We are going to throw that in. We have got Tom cucumbers that we have slighted and put that
in. We put a little bit of squeeze of lemon and then, of course it wouldnt be derby without adding some mint, so he would going to take some fresh mint. We tear that up and we throw that in. We mix it up. You know nice really refreshing salad. We got a long day out here, its going to be sunny and hot chef Dave. While you are doing this and putting this together explain the importance. I know that derby, pie and bourbon those are very kentuckyesque dishes. What do these mean for the derby? Everyone is coming here. We love to give them a little taste of Kentucky. We work with so many local farms from makers of derby pie, and we want to showcase these great ingredients here in the blue grass. Here is the finished product very easy at home. We will send it back to you in the studio, guys PETE. Thank you very much Ashley. Oh look at that. Your hat is amazing. Jed, look at that amazing hat!
You have Jedediah its a little big will not really my style of hat its. My understanding, you are.
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