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College students admit Joe Biden's campaign is beholden to radical progressives

2020-08-22 | 🔗
Campus Reform editor-in-chief Cabot Phillips shares the new video.
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When campus rye form spoke to, when campus rye form spoke to young students, they arent convince bidens. Progressive policies are really his own joining me more campus reform, editor and Chief Cabot, Philip welcome to the show. Before we even talk about this topic, I want to toss over to your exchange. This is George Washington University, with students on Joe Biden lets, take a listen and then have a discussion about it. Lets see who do you think of as a face of the democratic party? Definitely not Joe Biden, not quite sure exactly who, but I dont think its Biden. I dont view him as the face of the Democratic Party. I think he is more collecting ideas from what Democrats are saying. I think progressive forum jump on to secure his place as a nominee. What would you view quintessential element of the Biden Platform right now? I dont really know really an issue kind of for me. The fact that he is not Trump Jedediah Cabot tell us what you found here. I have found what I have seen over the last three or four years and talking to thousands
of young voters on thousand plus campuses on leadership reform. A lot of young people want someone to come in and break up the status quo and someone push their radical leftist ideas, the Bernie Sanders and Liz warrens of the world right now they are disaliewtioned with Joe Biden, even the ones that do come out and support him do so. Begrudgingly pandering feels like he is trying to give us this wish list. They know many of the ideas arent coming from him from his advisors or from his desire to try to win over the far left that might be working in some of the polling. When you ask young people there is this reflexive instinct, where they are afraid to support conservings. Well, I support the democratic candidate. They want to prove to everyone. They are going along with it in reality, thats not going to bring voter enthusiasm, its going to take enthusiasm to get young people to the polls if they feel like he is parroting ideas that he has heard from other people and doesnt really believe them thats not going to get them out to vote. I do question the enthusiasm of the Biden, young supporters. They feel pandered to they dont feel like he is
supporting what they want. Jedediah you know Cabot. I keep trying to figure out how many of them will stay home versus vote against Trump and whether Kamala Harris will at all be able to excite young voters to get to the polls. What do you think on Harris? Well, we had a similar video where we asked young people about Kamala Harris and one of the most common things that kept coming up was her law enforcement background. You have to take into account the irony of the Democratic Party embracing anti cop rhetoric, elm bracing, this idea of defunding the police and all cops are terrible people, and then they have someone in Kamala Harris on the ticket who spent a lifetime in criminal justice reform many times unfairly. Sentencing young people that these same people would now look at as this terrible person, because she is in law enforcement. So it is interesting to see that dynamic and a lot six young people we have spoken to on campuses around the country have not been thrilled by the pick and they feel a pressure to support it. Though thats another element thats here we have robbed the younger generation of the ability to think critically. They are told you have to support leftist ideas.
You cant even ask questions about conservative ideas. They automatically support the democrat liberal candidates. They want to show everyone else that they are on board with that thats dangerous and that will have an impact on the polling and the election in twenty twenty Jedediah yeah. It will for sure you bring up an important point on criminal justice. A lot of young voters have done their research on issue that on Kamala Harris and they are fired up on it, curious to see how this all plays out.
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