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Commission announces second presidential debate will be virtual

2020-10-08 | 🔗
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, reacts on ‘Fox & Friends’ and weighs in on Wednesday’s vice presidential debate.
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Steve all right, we are back with a first alert, this just n the last ten minutes. The commission on presidential debates has just announced the second presidential debate in Miami not going to happen as we thought it per se. It will be virtual Ainsley in the form of a town hall meeting with candidates participating in separate remote locations next Thursday, Brian right here to react, Ohio G Dot, OP congressman who just got this news with us, Jim Jordan Congressman. There are thirty four people that tested positive in the White House, so they want to be sure. Even if the president has two negative tests, they are going to do a t remote. What changes a lot, I think I would prefer it being in person- and I think, probably the president- would too he will be ready and win this debate like he won the last debate. He has a great record, you know last night, Kamala Harris says she doesnt trust the president doesnt trust the president. This president, more than any president, I know of, has done
what he said he would do and I think he will talk about just like MIKE Pence talked about it last night. I think he will talk about it next week in the debate, whether in person he said he was going to cut taxes, cut taxes said he was going to reduce regulations. Reduced regulations said he was going to have a strong economy. We had the strongest economy prior to the coronavirus said he was going to built the wall he built. The wall said he was going to get out of IRAN. Deal got out of IRAN, deal put justice, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the court. He said he would put the embassy in Jerusalem. He has done this. This guy has done more of what he said he would do than I can remember. He will highlight that message. Next week, like MIKE Pence, did last night. He will win again Steve historical note in nineteen sixty John Kennedy for the debate. One of them was in New York and Richard Nixon was in California, so something like this has been done remotely before. Meanwhile, you were talking about what MIKE Pence said last night here is
another soundbite regarding the Democrats and what happened last time watch this. When you talk about accepting the outcome of the election, I must tell you senator your party has spent the last three and a half years trying to overturn the results of the last election. Its amazing, when Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, the FBI actually spied on. President Trump and my campaign, I mean there were documents released this week that the CIA actually made a referral to the FBI, documenting that those allegations were coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Steve congressman, you know, thats one thing: thats been a long, two thousand and twenty thats one thing. The Democrats really dont want to remind people hey. We spent like three or four years doing this Russia Thick and how did that turn out for them? Yeah nineteen lawyers, forty agents, five hundred witnesses, two thousand five hundred subpoenas and thirty dollars million wasted on a hoax, and we learned this week based
on what Ratcliffe released that Clinton made it all up. Thee conjured. This whole thing up: she knew she conjured it up by Brennans notes. They all knew this. Yet we had to live through this all that time, that same individual who conjured this up hoax to hide the fact she destroyed four hundred and thirty thousand emails that same individual. What did she say three weeks ago? She said no matter what under no circumstances should Joe Biden concede the only party that has not accepted the will of the american people is the Democrat Party and they are planning to do it again understand this too Steve they are looking to. Why is there just one party who wants to count ballots after election day? Even if you cant distinguish the postmark on the envelope, the ballot was delivered in the postmark date. Why is that the case in the Democrats are trying to win this election after the election thats, not thousand works in our great nation. The american people understand it again, thats. Why? I think, on election day, in twenty six days, they are going to reelect President Trump Ainsley. Look at the polls. The
economy is the number one issue, even over covid right now. They hit on jobs, manufacturing jobs and the number of jobs that were lost and MIKE Pence went after her for not voting for usmca. He says if there is fracking you are going to crush american jobs. Listen to this Senator Kamala Harris was one of only ten members of the Senate to vote against the Usmca. It was a huge win for american auto workers. It was a huge win for american farmers, especially dairy in the upper Midwest senator you said it didnt go far enough on climate change, um huh, you put your radical environmental agenda ahead of american, auto workers and ahead of american jobs Ainsley. She said last night. He is not going to ban fracking. That is a fact, but she we have known in the past, supported that and he has said he guarantees he will abolisish fossil fuels. He told that girl in the audience one time
yeah numerous times they have said they are going to ban fracking. The usmca is just another example of the president doing what he said: New NAFTA New Usmca. She voted against it that has been good to our state. I think about whirlpool the number of jobs they kept and added whirlpool because of the presidents trade policies manufacturing is roaring in our state in the state of Ohio because of the action the Trump Pence Administration has taken. It was great that the vice president pointed that out. They are lying about the fracking and they are lying about so many other things then, when they wont lie, they just wont give you an answer like last night, when the vice president repeatedly asked her. Are you guys going to pack the courts? We know that they are, but they wont answer it. Just like they wont put out a list of their Supreme Court nominees, a list that they will choose from, like the President of the United States said they wont, put it out because they so afraid of the radical left in their party. They wont put out a list. They wont tell you that theyre going to pack the court if they say they are not going
to pack the court or put out list, it wont, be good enough for the left, Brian Jim. Unfortunately, we are out of time just to your point, theyre, making an announcement today, exclusive to politico the Workers family Party put together a thousand word charter, black lives matter, organized labor and the squad job Program, with sixty million jobs, retroactive hazard pay for essential employees. This is the agenda. They are tired of being.
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