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Community raises money to place hundreds of American flags throughout neighborhood

2020-07-22 | 🔗
A father's lesson on patriotism to his son turns into a community effort in Seaford, New York.
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Griff welcome back a fathers Griff welcome back a fathers lesson to his son about patriotism. Now has an entire community honoring, the Red white and blue all started last month when Eric and his son Frankie went out to hang a few american flags what started into a flag here and there turned into hundreds throughout their community here with More- is father and 8 year old Son Franky Good Morning. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you for having us good morning, Griff all right Eric. Let are the start with the obvious question. Why did you start doing this? Are you surprised what its become I am? I am. I started doing it in June. I seen flags popping up throughout the five boroughs and I thought it would be a great idea to get Frankie out there with me, because we were stuck in quarantine. It was something to do together and I just we started with one flag in front of my house on utility poll
and then I started a page on Facebook and it took off Griff Franky. Let me ask you a question. Your father wanted to teach you a listen, why you are doing these flags. Do you understand why you are doing this because there is a quarantine and he wanted to get me out of the house. Griff has he talked to you about America and what this country is? Yes, Griff. What has he taught you? What does America mean to you, Frankie Frankie im, putting him on the spot there Eric do you want to help me out a little bit? What do you want Frankie to grow up to know about America? You know I wanted him to see that there is so much good in the world and by doing something as small as putting up a flag on a utility pole could cause such an amazing movement
and him being out there with me, the entire town of Seaford came out, beeping horns, saying beautiful things to us wishing, God bless America and the whole point is for them to go out and hang a flag in front of their home with their family, and they have come out in droves, and I wanted him to see that something so small could be so big and it could be an amazing amazing and positive change. Griff, Frank Yrkts. I see you smiling when you see cars, honking and people singing the anthem. How does that make? You feel good because, like I love when they honk, because I feel like were honk because I feel like were getting a lot of like care Griff, let me ask you Eric, tragically, we have seen night after night and elsewhere as we
have seen the riots throughout the country, american flags being burned. Is this part of the reason why you dooring that, and how does that make you feel you know when I first started doing it? It was again because I had seen other towns and communities doing it. I love the american flag. I love what it stands for. I wanted it to decorate the streets. I just you wanted it to be a positive look at the flag. I wanted him and everyone else to seat positivity in what the flag is and what it could be Griff its not going to stop only a few seconds left. Franky. Are you going to keep hanging flags, yeah, Griff, atta boy? Thank you very much for what you are doing and thank you for.
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