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Company develops at-home hologram machines

2020-08-09 | 🔗
The phone-booth sized device lets users talk in real time with a hologram of another person; insight from Kurt 'The CyberGuy' Knutsson.
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Jedediah, there is a whole new way of doing virtual meetings at home, Hologram Machines, a LOS Angeles company, is offering the new tech that can beam another person right into your living room. Griff Kurt. The Cyberguy is here to tell us all about it. Kurt Jessica Yellen tried to do this for CNN in two thousand and eight and it failed, but you now can do it in twenty twenty PETE cone gratlations. If only we could have transported you by hologram into the river PETE. I would have preferred that your muscles wouldnt be sore this morning. All you need now and the rest of America to figure out where in your living room, would you put the thing seven feet tall five feet wide and about two feet: deep? That is a giant hologram machine called Portal, this guy, the same guy that worked on the project for Ronald Reagan, library that brought to us the Ronald Reagan
Hologram to help newer generations get accustomed to who that president was are the same people that are behind this. This is coming to market at sixty thousand dollars. You will be able to transport instead after zoom call you make that yesterday you can transport a 3d hologram live of yourself to any location in the world. If you have this box on the other end, all you need to send the image a white background and a camera youre in business PETE and Sixty Grand yeah sixty grand thats, all PETE, so the idea youre more appealing digitally than otherwise on a zoom call. I like the technology. I would prefer to have a call with my mom PETE than I would where I could actually see her. She on the other side of the country because of the pandemic. I dont travel to her. I dont get to see her
but to have that family connection, think of military families abroad being able to Rao reunite that way. Maybe this makes sense to have this set up in that sort of setting where a bunch of people are able to share a 60000 dollar piece of technology. Like this, I think it is profound for the rest of us that dont really have I mean if youre going to spend sixty grand. This is not at the top of my list, but if you made it a little bit smaller and less expensive, I would be into it that is it what is coming next year, according to the company portl think of this PETE well, show it to you online, at cyber guy dot com, you can for an upgrade for twenty five grand. They will take all of what PETE said his whole life and make it available to future.
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