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Concha: CNN targeting Gov. DeSantis 'because they see him as a possible 2024 Republican candidate'

2021-01-06 | 🔗
Fox News contributor reacts to media coverage of Florida's vaccine rollout on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Allowance on 20 20 Buick Encore Gx models. I dont seek validation by I dont seek validation by the media. What I seek is supporting citizens of my state some of these networks. Obviously they have agendas. They are doing narratives. They are not trying to report. Facts anymore weigh are going to continue keeping our eye on the ball and working as hard as we can to deliver results Steve there. You have got Florida governor RON, Desantis pushing back after a CNN reporter are appears to block him for vaccination issues in Florida. Listen to this. What has done with wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we have seen phone lines jammed web sites crashing a lot of in, and I think, if I could finish excuse me- you just set what has gone wrong im answering the question are, if I could complete the question, though, are you going to give a speech or ask a question Steve all right here with reaction, Fox NEWS, contributor and media opinion columnist for the hill, Joe Concha Joe good morning to you good Morning, Steve
Happy Wednesday as Wednesdays are happy Steve. Indeed, one of the things that they are too long down this Florida, which is different than the rest of the country RON Desantis, has said look. This is a state with a lot of people who are over sixty five. I want those people who are over sixty five and at risk to get the vaccine, and so the hospitals are administering it, and yet she goes ever a him for what purpose well- and you are exactly right about that. More than twenty percent of floridas population is over sixty five and Desantis says thats the highest risk area thats, where we need to go first. There is a big demand for it as a result of these hospitals, just to be clear, Desantis has pivoted. He is now allowing supermarkets and churches and testing sites to also distribute the vaccine to fix the problem, because this is unprecedented clearly and there is going to have to be pivots and adjustments that question that was asked during that CNN exchange. You see the reporter on the screen and then you Desantis. How often do you see, during an outside press conference, a
gaggle where the reporter gets a camera and the person being questioned gets a camera? The reason why you do that is, you are looking as the reporter to do a montage with the sole intention not to get answer for the public, but to push a narrative and to go with viral thats. The big tell there another tell is how many times Steve have you seen CNN? Send national reporters to press conferences of Andrew Cuomo or Phil Murphy here in New Jersey for me, or Governor Newsom or Governor North testimony that, as far as asking them everything they have been doing wrong with the pandemic and particularly the vaccines where everything has been slow in those states as well. Desantis is the target because a there is an R. Next to his name and b, they see him as a possible two thousand and twenty four presidential candidate. If President Trump decides not to run Steve Joe interest is a good possibility that a lot of people watching this channel at this time were not watching CNN at that time. So after that report, after
that exchange, CNN host, Brianna Ceerl said what about Mr Desantis well, it was interesting. This is a pattern with CNN. Would he saw it with Jim Acosta during White House Press conferences or April Ryan, where they will get into a confrontation, oftentimes contrived ones, either with a Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Sean Spicer victim Tom Mizeed, because that particular person in power or spokesperson was so mean to them. This CNN anchor that you mentioned a daytime anchor mind. You then goes on to call Desantis an explicative on the air and again thats not to inform thats to perform thats what its become at this point for many in journalism, performance art. So she calls him the a word and of course that goes viral too thats. The whole point now its the look at me too movement for many in journalism by dropping explicatives or getting into confrontations by doing monologues instead of asking pointed questions that inform the Public Steve Steve at least RON Desantis is taking the questions
and trying to answer what he believed was the question, so he started right there. But you know to your earlier point about where the hard questions here in New York, you know New York has had a terrible rollout. The state the governor is blaming the mayor. The mayor is blaming the governor. The state of New York will not release the number of vaccines as they have actually put in peoples. Arms. The New York Post has been asking for the last couple of days. They finally found from the CDC. Apparently just shy of three hundred thousand doses have been given to New Yorkers, which is one thousand five hundred toes for every one hundred thousand new Yorkers. That is not very efficient. No, its not and the governor is never going to be asked about that, because the governor happens to have a brother that has a prime time anchor spot on CNN. So therefore, he gets a pass and thats the conflict of interest that we are talking about anyway. Steve got to go taking down the Christmas lights today I held out for as long as I can you never want to be that guy in
the neighborhood. I have a feeling another week or two Steve. That day is today twelve days.
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