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Concha compares media coverage of Trump vs. Biden health issues

2020-12-01 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs the media coverage of President Trump versus President-elect Joe Biden after he broke his foot.
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Have a good Build Bordersbuzzer Ainsley lets bring in Joe Concha Media columnist for the hill shop shop, DOT, foxnews dot com to get your wife. This mug lets talk about Joe Biden. We know about him bringing a bone in his foot injured by his dog. He says so here is some of the media coverage of it. This was MSNBC reporter saying the Biden team was not forthcoming. He wasnt Asforthcoming, as you would be, with the press pool. There has already been in some way some tension when we call it a lid or a lid called, and then the President Elect Biden ended up going somewhere. So essentially the White House was, I should say, the transition wasnt, giving reporters the heads that they would need. Ainsley Joe Chris Cuomo took a different, take, listen to him. I took a lot of comfort in something pretty small, like the
size of a pinky toe bone. When Biden hurt his foot, I appreciated it. Why? Because im a sadist? No, because we just got the straight truth about it. No lie no deny just. He was out playing with his dog. Why is that a big deal for me, because there was no b dot s? There was no blocking us from the reason that Trump was rushed to you, a hospital, no Gazy doctors. With these absurd lauding statements about Biden being super human, the strongest pinky toe in history, just the truth, Ainsley didnt. He have to come out and tell the truth, Joe. He is going to be wearing a foot brace Steve, a boot yeah, very interesting that that comes from Chris Cuomo, the George Washington of Cable NEWS when it comes to truth, the guy who broke his own quarantine when he was Covid, 19 positive, while still suffering from a fever, therefore still shedding the virus. Traveled thirty minutes from his home and got into a confrontation with a 60 something year old Guy, where a police report had to be filed
against him thats the guy, who should be lecturing about truth, Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, was very interesting to see the reaction to her saying that the Biden team should have been more transparent. She got eviscerated online by the left for even raising a little bit of criticism around that, and it reminds me of when Jimmy Kimmel, I dont know if you remember this during the twenty sixteen campaign and Donald Trump went on his show and Kimmel messed up his hair. Like a playful moment like we see Steve Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon Good CALL Brian, he was basically canceled Brian. He had to apologize. How are you normalizing this guy? He apologize. You had utterly ridiculous. The bottom line here you have a communication team, with Biden waiting twenty four hours to share what happened with this injury Steve. Why wait? Why wait thats the thing when you break your foot im, not a doctor, but I may know one pretty close to me
when you break your foot, immediate pain, injury, the minute you take a step, you feel it. Why wait to go to the doctor twenty four hours? The bottom line is we just dont know exactly how this happened. The fact that they waited twenty four hours is something to see if this happened with Trump and twenty four hours was wasted in terms of telling the press and not allow Trump enter the facility. Where is he being treated? Journalists would run out of soapboxes to scream about press transparency. Brian no fun stories about the President of the United States, bad didnt deserve it put her by the Russians and he will never win another election and, of course, evidence will be undone. Do I Mueller report and impeachment it didnt take long Joe Biden, isnt, even president, and he got this story from CBS and now some breaking news, President Elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill wont just be bringing their german Shepard Major and champ to the White House. The bidens tell us
exclusively that soon they will be joined by a cat, Ainsley, breaking news, Brian Fun story, a cat cat and german shepherds, Brian yeah dogs and cats living together in mass hysteria. I love slates particular headline tried and TRUEX pressure in presidential vigor, compare that to the New York Times last year. That literally had this headline. Why? President Trump hates your dog thats, all you really need to know. I have no problem with puff pieces actually here and there when it comes to the President human sides, obviously to this as well. They are like the New York jets. They took the last four years off and now puff pieces are all the rage so yeah. If you were nostalgic for the Obama years, you are certainly going to get it one more point about Biden in terms of the way he treats the press and waiting twenty four hours here. There was a time during the Obama Biden administration. This was in the beginning right, two thousand and nine
the press still very friendly to Obama. This is at the height of the financial crisis. He is selling Obamacare. President Obama went giving a solo press conference thats a full time. Pregnancy plus one month, expect more of that with Joe Biden for the next few years, very few press conferences very little transparency, Guys Brian, I dont think people are going to tolerate it. I think they are going to turn on him. I would think so too Brian, because suddenly those book deals are going to go away and all those viral moments of the press getting into confrontation with the president going away. This only lasts so long before. I think you are going to see more Andrea Mitchells and only people from this network have you got to tell us more cant, just be oh, but Trump we will get a lot of, but trump the next four years ago, as well, Steve Joe Concha, whose wife is an emergency room doctor Joe thank you for joining us life. Thank you guys, off to
Mcdonalds. First day of December, I cant be any more pleased this. This Rechesd year is about to be over celebrating with a sausage egg and cheese. Steve Mcdonalds is coming out with the Mcrib tomorrow, just saying so be forewarned back with it. Looking very forward to it.
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