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Congresswoman-elect Nancy Mace says she's made it from 'Waffle House to US House'

2020-11-08 | 🔗
Nancy Mace, first GOP woman elected to Congress in South Carolina, joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to discuss her election and campaign.
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Jedediah, a South Carolina House Jedediah, a South Carolina House seat, flipping back to red after Nancy MACE, narrowly defeated incumbent, Joe Cunningham, becoming the first republican woman in South Carolina ever elected to Congress and shes no stranger to service in nineteen. Ninety nine mace made history as the first Juan to graduate from the citadel congresswoman Elect Nancy MACE joins me now welcome to the show its my pleasure to have you here. What does that feel? Like such a great title, I was reading that first republican woman elected to Congress from South Carolina thats quite a title. Quite so, and you know in fact its one hundred years after women Sufferage, so I feel deeply honored to be making history. Once again, when I was seventeen, I dropped out of high school and my first job was at a waitress at a waffle house on the side of the interstate. I was in business for twenty one years and now im in the: U Dot S Congress, and this is what american dreams are really made of from the waffle house to the? U dot S house, as I like to say, and
im very eager to get to work Jedediah. You know I loved reading about your background and your story. You just alluded to and thats precisely the kind of backgrounds that we need in Congress. Right now speak a little bit to the issues. What issues do you think drove your success in the campaign? Why do you think people felt strongly about voting for you? Well, the voters wanted a new Nancy in Congress and Senator Lindsey Graham said a few times. Nancy MACE is Nancy Pelosis worst nightmare. She only have a four person majority in the: U Dot S house now and if folks want to learn about that its nancymace dot org. But one of the things I really push on the campaign trail is that, while im going to swear to an other to the constitution at the same time, im going to represent that voters and constituents in the low country and that message really resonated because im going to put the region where I represent above any political party. Really, this is a coastal community that has very unique needs. Were fiscally conservative but we love America and we want to protect the environment and those are the issues that really resonated with voters and those
are the things I want to work on. When I get sworn in Jedediah, I think people are mostly excited for things to get done. They hate, stalemate and theyre, hoping that people get elected that are really willing to sit down and have those conversations and accomplish something. Do you feel that your background and your disposition would enable you to sit with people across the aisle and make stuff happen? One hundred percent I liked using the example ive been in the state lawmaker for three years now and in the middle of Covid I passed a prison reform bill and I cant remember the last time. I saw a republican push a reform like that, but when that bill is voted on every single Democrat and every single Republican voted for that measure and it was signed into law, weve got to really work and this election. What were seeing in twenty twenty its the mandate now is that we have to reach across the aisle to get something done. There was a red wave across many states in the general assemblies and state legislatures massive turn out on both sides of the aisle people want someone whose going to get something. Donald weve
got to be able to work together and ive dot that as a state lawmaker, and I look forward to doing that in Congress. It used to be that way, but now weve allowed our disagreements to cause so much. Division and people are really tired of it and weve got to rebuild our country, states and communities and im raising my hand stepping into the arena and im ready to do it Jedediah. I think theres a lot.
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