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Connecticut high school football players rally to save their season

2020-09-12 | 🔗
Students urge legislators to intervene after the state's high school athletic conference ruled against full-contact football this fall amid COVID-19 concerns.
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Crowd chanting crowd, chanting, thousands of football players in Connecticut fighting to save their season, a rally outside state capital urging lawmakers to intervene when the applet conference is canceled. The conference has once again met with the state health the permit, in the wake of the rally to find common ground. Three, a next guest were at that rally: senior quarterback, Lineman Kevin Junior and his mom, and the teams head coach lets start with you. How did this come together? Thousands of high school football players and families together? How did this come to gather people set up the rally and just started making noise? It was spread on social media coaches, told us about it.
Teachers telling me about it. Tray was a big impact on me. What is your argument? What is the argument of I school football players about why you football players about why you should be playing this fall? The last play and in the the last play and in the certain play will we had thousands of football games for this season, Alabama has been playing for Alabama has been playing for four weeks or three weeks. What does the state of the Connecticut know that these other states missing Connecticut is more concerned
than other states? That is a good question. That is a good question. We need to deal strictly with numbers comparative to other states, and that needs to be the bottom line. This has become more in opinion than a factor will Utah Alabama Tennessee several weeks of footballblooge? What do you think will happen? Will the state of Connecticut listen to your son and others across the state that want to play football? What will happen? What will happen? The rally the lawmakers, the governor hearing, what we had to say and scheduling the meeting a couple days later? I feel he did that to appease.
I feel he did that to appease the masses hands. It is a high risk. We are just praying they make the right decision. What do you do next? What do high school football players do? Next players do next? We seem to be deserving this Sean, what a huge turnout to try to get high school football back.
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