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Conservative group launches ‘Women for Amy’ bus tour

2020-10-10 | 🔗
Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Citizens chairwoman, on organizing a bus tour across 12 states in support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
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As we get set for Amy Coney as we get set for Amy Coney Barrett is confirmation hearings, conservative groups stepping up to show unwavering support concerned. Women for America launched the Womens Bus tour, including forty thousand and twelve states, to assure Judge Barretts Confirmation to the Supreme Court. Her to discuss is the chairwoman of the Tea Party citizens fund. What is it you want to get out? What message about Amy, Coney Barrett concerned women for Americans, helping with the bus tour women across America know that Amy Coney Barrett will make a superb Supreme court justice. We want to see her confirmed and make sure that across America people understand who Amy Coney Barrett is. We are doing what we can to take. We are doing what we can to take
the message to the american people. Talk to local media, talk to individual activists and answer questions who Amy Coney Barrett is and make sure we get. Barrett is and make sure we get her confirmed a bus tour in support of Amy Coney Barrett. She will be voted upon by senators. So, who are you hoping to reach to influence to hoping to reach to influence to help her nomination process? What we know as people pay attention to national media like Fox and friends, and their local media? We wants to have local media hear about what is going on in women across America, support the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. All too often, the radical leftist and liberals try to paint conservatives as anti woman, and we want to make sure it is clear women support,
Amy, Coney Barrett, who also happens to be a woman. What is the one issue you think women should know about Amy Coney Barrett. She will make a superb Supreme Court justice and she will be the first justice with schoolchildren while serving on the bench. All women could relate to that.
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