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Country star Kane Brown teams with veterans for special remix

2020-09-04 | 🔗
Kane Brown, country music star and J.W. Cortés, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery, join ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Back every stream to purple project PETE joining US country, music, PETE, joining US country, music, star, Kane, Brown and Cortez. Gentlemen. Thank you. So much for being here, Kane youve had a lot of success and you decide to give more back to vets. Tell us about it. Yeah man. I first wrote this song I thought about who could relate to it and found out that veterans related the most. I was excited to just hear a different, take on the song and sounded amazing and for every string to help our soldiers and frontline workers, Steve JW, im sure youre thrilled to be on this remix singing along with him and the song is called home, sick and
after the service. You understand what hes talking about. I do obviously im honored who would have thought that many of us in the pandemic, in the the city of New York that the opportunity would present itself anyone who is ever deployed like I have, and so many others youre definitely relating to this term of being home sick, its a terrible thing and and but it also reminds you why its so important to make sure that we never forget those who are still out there fighting for us and we support them in any given way, even if its song terrific, as Homesick Jededia Kane. What do you hope people get as of remake of the song cant wait to hear it. It sounds amazing. I hope more soldiers hear it honestly and find out that theres others singing to them,
and you know I just hope people realize what everybody is going through. People missing their families and we can all come together and be one PETE. You served in Marine corps your dad, a Vietnam vet reflect on which to see a star like this. Do a remix, certainly a long way on how the Vietnam vets were treated. My dad told me many stories where many of his brothers came home and including himself and they werent greeted with parade and they were ridiculed and condemned on the things that America asked them to do to go and fight. I can relate them back to the world and say: hey weve
learned many lessons since that time. Im an Iraq veteran and I was greeted when I came back and to see a 26 year old as young and as mature as Kane Brown hey. I will use my platform to further the messaging to let the veterans know because lets face it. We have been at war for about seventeen years, and so you are talking about thousands of veterans and people were selected to serving kudos to Kane Brown for stepping up and saying I will make the song ant.
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