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COVID-19 vaccine is ‘going to help our economy’: Sen. Scott

2020-12-15 | 🔗
Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., tells ‘Fox & Friends’ people still need to ‘be careful’ as vaccine distribution gets underway.
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State and local assistance is state and local assistance is absolutely essential if we dont give states, counties and cities some relief from their loss of revenue and the actual expenses of Covid 19, they are faced with some grim choices. States also need them not about the states being Amorphis. What is this for? This is for the very people helping us in the pandemic. We talk about providing federal aid, so the states dont have to cut essential services, were talking about saving lives and were talking about saving jobs Steve as lawmakers continue to negotiate over what should be in a new coronavirus relief bill. Democrats issue here are pushing to give bailout money to states largely blue states, which Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell has rejected in a new op ed. Our next guest says Republicans must not cave on blue state bailouts joining us right now, Florida Senator and former governor of current senator former governor of Florida Rick Scott Rick Good Morning to you good morning. We cant blink on this
think about it. I got elected with Andrew Cuomo back in twenty ten as governors his budget today before Covid was double per person. Ours in Florida hes never watched his money. I dont believe Florida taxpayer s ought to pay for the excesses of New York or California or Illinois New Jersey and by the way, RON Johnson from Wisconsin, and I have sent letters to these governors and say tell us how we spent the trillion dollars weve. Given you access to first off the letter this month, doesnt tell us anything because they dont want to give you the information, the one we did in June. Only ten governors signed it the governors that basically opened their economies, their unemployment rate is way down. It just dropped in half and by the way, look at who were giving the money to of the ten states. Eight are democrat and by the way they always say. Oh, the revenues are horrible, thats a lie. According to Wall Street Journal, Californias revenues
are ten dollars billion above Projection S, and New Yorks in September were four percent above two thousand and nineteen. So these states just want it. They dont need it; they just want to free ride with our money Steve, but you heard what those Democrats just said senator essentially they were saying if you dont help bail us out, then, when theyre talking about essential services, theyre talking about youre talking about were going to have to cut healthcare workers first responders were going to have to lay off teachers stuff, like that. How dare you mean Republicans? Do that? Well lets see on health care. We gave them what one hundred and seventy five dollars billion with our schools. We gave them thirty dollars billion. We gave them fifty dollars billion for Medicaid weve. Given them, you add it all up weve, given them access to a trillion dollars, and so this is not about covid. This is about Democrats, want to bail out their buddies, their buddies that cant live within their means.
I mean Cuomo cant balance a budget, he doesnt know how to do it and think about it. The guy is saying even without the covid money were, raising your taxes again well, thats been pretty consistent. Whatever these guys can think of whatever the crisis is gosh, I got to raise your taxes. Do you know what thats why people are leaving these states in droves and coming to Florida I mean you wouldnt, believe the number of homes getting sold in Florida from people leaving California and Illinois and New York and New Jersey, because they are sick and tired of these democrats raising their taxes, Steve its also beautiful weather down there. I think that has something to do with it, but speaking of Covid senator the White House has a report that is now designating Florida as a red zone and says that you got to do more to mitigate the problems, masks and stuff like that. So you look at the difference between New York, where im sitting right now, where theyre talking about perhaps having another complete shutdown very, very soon or Florida,
which is not shutdown, its white open. Well, first off look its our responsibility! Wear your mask social distance! Wash your hands! You know be careful thats what we have to do if youve been around somebody or tested positive, like I did a month or so ago, youve got to quarantine, which I did so thats what you have to do, but we got to get this economy going. Go back. These states that have the bad unemployment thats what they are doing. They keep shutting these things down. How can people put food on the table if they dont have a job? And you know these guys like Cuomo, they dont care, theyre, doing fine hes, always done fine, its everybody else that hes hurting the poorest families in his state. We arent going to do that in Florida, Steve, but the Senate has got to do something you guys have got, and I know you want to do something with the covid bill. Is that going to happen? I hope what we need to do is help the people who have lost their jobs and help our small businesses. We got to make sure we continue to ramp up our testing and get
this vaccine out. Think what this economy is going to do. People are so excited about this vaccine. I want to thank the President and his whole team for getting this out, so its going to really help our economy and be great for people Steve. Indeed, it is its going to be a life saver, Rick, Scott Senator from Florida. Sir. Thank you very.
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