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Crenshaw: Despite being outspent, Texas Republicans stopped blue wave in its tracks

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Texas remains red despite the Democrats’ push to flip the state blue; reaction and analysis from Rep. Dan Crenshaw on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Held firm, including congressional houses, one of those congressional House Winners is Dan Crenshaw, with the Texas GOP, of course, so Dan, the blue wave at the very least, has been stopped in its tracks. Does it surprise you? Does it surprise you that everybody else was not predicting this? It doesnt surprise me that the infamous blue waves never seems to materialize because Texans like their state and we like being the number one business climate and we like low taxes and less regulations, and we like good governance, secure borders, funding our police, all of the things, are complete opposite of what the left wants. The left wants to destroy our energy sector, raise our taxes and make our business climate like California. I dont see why this would be a compelling message to win and they spent hundreds of millions to try to flip it.
Almost single candidate, every Republican was outspent by Democrats, and that was stopped in its tracks. Steve at the very last presidential debate. In the last three minutes, Joe Biden revealed, he was interested in transitioning was interested in transitioning from fossil fuels and ten million Americans making a living, particularly in Texas right now, the president and his team filing suit in a number of states, because they say that the voting, and rather the voting was okay, but the vote tabulation theyre a little worried about whether or not its accurate. This is why the integrity of our elections and the system that we use is so important right. You h have to trust the rules of the game.
I was outspoken on this on the months leading up to this and everybody changing voting laws, and this is dangerous. As Bill Barr said this is playing with fire. It cannot rely on the opinions of election officials or politicians. Saying no dont worry its fine. You dont have to have a conspiracy theory. You dont have to worry about this. Dont worry about the discrepancies and irregularities. The system needs to be self evident that it is secure right, which means the process has to be simple, and the rules have to be strict and strict deadlines, and they have to be transparent. These. These should not be controversial topics right to experiment with this low integrity, voting process that many states have in one of the most divided times in the countrys history is playing with fire. It was the worst thing that they could have done to our country, and now we are paying the price,
and we all saw this coming Ainsley. What does the future of the House look like centrists, that are Democrats that are saying Nancy Pelosi needs to step down or she doesnt need to be the leader anymore. This is what they told the hill its time for Democrats to elevate a new generation of leadership in both House and Senate. Americans are clearly afraid of socialism, want safe streets and neighborhoods and devote for people who they believe will help put more money in their pockets. What do you think will happen in the house? Yeah? The irony of the statement is that the new generation of Democrats are socialists, im, not so sure what they mean by that look: im not a fly in the wall inside the caucus meetings, but it will be entertain to go, see them fight this one out. What is very clear is that Nancy Pelosi lost and she lost big shes, a very good fundraiser again they outspent us in every single possible way, and yet they lost in every possible way. It looks like we will keep the Senate and gained quite a few house seats as well confirmed at least seven flips im hopeful that we see more than that.
You know who would take her place, though thats a fascinating question and hard for me to answer. I will say that Nancy Pelosi makes a great opponent for Republicans, though, so we we enjoy that a little bit but curious to see what happens. Ainsley. What happens in this race does trump. He obviously has a path. Anything can happen its not over yet, but do you think he will win? You know lets just be hopeful that he does theres clearly a path. You know we are counting the ballots in Arizona right now. Its it seems like Pennsylvania is on a good track as well and Georgia. So I you know im glued to my screen, just like you guys, Brian Southwest Texas, where he benefited. You know what ive been heartened by the persona of Nancy Pelosi. Tearing up the state of the union address the way she just dismisses the president acts like he doesnt exist. I think they much like the idea of the statesmen like
Paul Ryan in that slot and no matter what party is shes like a professional wrestler right I mean, and you see this across many states. You see you know congressional candidates, perhaps outperforming the president. You know Americans do tend towards split government. You know you see the stock market start to rise when it believes it has a split government, because it means government will do less. This tells you something about the disposition of where Americans are at and where they are in political beliefs, and we dont need the federal government telling us what to do and total control of our lives. Let us thrive and do your purpose of government to pursue our happiness, thats the whole point- and I think Americans understand that Brian you have to get big things done, and immigration reform done and its going to take compromise and im just wondering when thats going to happen at some point. Well, yeah you wander when immigration
reform is going happen. Me too, I think if we will go down the immigration reform path. The first thing that has to happen is border security, and I will say, under this administration, we have made a lot huge strides along that along those lines. They are a little bit underreported, but illegal immigration coming across our border has massively massively dropped because of the steps this administration has taken, but in terms of just enforcing the law, building infrastructure working with Mxico working with Guatemala and Honduras- El Salvador, you know huge strides, so you know one of the worst case scenarios. A Biden presidency takes over and reverse all of these great policies, and then we are right back where we start. Where had no compromise can ever happen. Steve! Exactly congratulations! On your win! A couple of nights ago, thank you very much, so it was exciting. It was a lot of fun. I think we won by more than we expected. My margin of victory was seven points last time and fourteen points this time
so again, I think Americans rejected this notion of socialism, rejected the notion that we should destroy energy sector and raise taxes Steve. We will get one of the.
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