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Cruz: Trump is right to not want a virtual debate

2020-10-08 | 🔗
A virtual debate would benefit Joe Biden, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, tells 'Fox & Friends.'
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The president instead will hold a rally thats where we are at 840 in the morning lets bring in Texas Republican, Senator TED Cruz. Member of the Senate, Judiciary Committee and author of the great new book called one vote away: how a single Supreme court seat can change history, which debuted at number nine on the New York Times best seller list. Congratulations senator well! Thank you, its good to be with you again thanks for having me Steve good to have you. So what do you make of the fact that the President says im not going to if they are doing a virtual debate? Thats, not a real debate im not going look. I think the presidents right on this and unfortunately I think this is a pattern weve seen play out throughout the debates where the moderators and the debate commission have behaved like arms of the Joe Biden campaign. I think the first debate Chris Wallace did a terrible job moderating last night. I think Susan page did a better job moderating and she didnt interrupt as much. But
her questions were still. You know its an interesting hypothetical to go back and look at the questions she asked and ask: how would the questions have read differently? Had they been written by the Joe Biden campaign and that virtually every question out of her mouth was from the left. With all of the assumptions Joe Biden and the Democrats believed there was really very little pushing on the other side. This decision here to hold a virtual debate that benefits Joe Biden that lets his staff, be in the room that lets him receive assistance. One of the real concerns a lot of people have is if Joe Biden is even up to it, and if you insulate him and let him do the debate from the basement, thats eliminating the debate aspect of it and listen. I think the reason the commission did. This is the Democrats right now think theyre winning they believe Joe Bidens winning. I think theyre very happy for Joe not to leave his basement for another minute between now and election day and
if the commission sticks to were going to do it virtually. I think the president is right to say im not going to participate in this charade, Ainsley just to defend Chris Wallace hes part of our family and its not easy to debate to moderate a debate and ive watched other moderators say sometimes when youre up there on stage all the time when youre up on stage and youre in charge of asking the questions, you see something different than what the audience is seeing at home and its a difficult situation. I thought Chris did a fine job and hes one of our friends and hes part of our family TED Cruz. I understand Ainsley. I just wanted to clarify that because we love him so as far as court packing is concerned, she didnt answer the question and Joe Biden didnt answer the question a week and a half ago. So I think we have that sound bite watch. This are you and Joe Biden going to pack the court? If Judge, Amy C Oney Barrett is confirmed. The american people are voting right now and it should be their decision theyd like to know if you
and Joe Biden are going to pack the Supreme Court, if you dont get your way in this nomination. Lets talk about packing. Fifty people who President Trump appointed to the court of appeals for a lifetime appointments. Not one is black. I just want the record to reflect. She never answered the question Ainsley, so does that mean theyre definitely going to pack the court unquestionably and they dont want to admit it because they know it polls badly and they know it shows they are engaging in a left wing power grab. Ainsley sorry to interrupt you. Will you remind the audience why that is so important for our country if they pack the court? How dangerous could that be? Well? The court for one hundred and fifty years has had nine justices. If you come in, and the Democrats and a partisan power grab increase it from nine to eleven or to thirteen. It turns the court into just another partisan body. It turns it into a football and it also starts the process of escalation.
Look if the Democrats take it to eleven, what it means is a practical matters, the next time the Republicans take the majority. We take it to thirteen and it just starts escalating the framers envision, the Supreme Court as having independence as judicial body that followed the law and followed the constitution, its not meant to be a political body. You know, weve seen a democratic president. Try to do this, FDR tried to pack the court and his own party said no thats too much. It be bad for the court and the country and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she died. She was asked about packing the court and she said: nine Seem s like a good number. It was a mistake when FDR tried to do a mistake when FDR tried to do it, and it be a mistake now and Justice, Ginsburg was right and Joe and Kamala just reminded me of that exchange on fracking, also where they are trying to hide from the american people. What their radical agenda is,
and I think MIKE Pence did an excellent job last night. I think he was calm. He was cool. He was collected. He was focused on the substance and I think MIKE clearly won the debate last night, Brian Ill. Tell you what senator the other thing that came. Um is the Breonna Taylor CASE controversial, to say the least. We dont know all of the facts, but the grand jury did and they came up with a verdict and the district attorney the attorney general spoke about it. Were you surprised that a former attorney general would come out against that verdict? No, because its consistent, the Democratic Party right now is demagoguing on race and trying to inflame racial tensions and listen. What happened to Breonna Taylor was horrible. She was an innocent woman who was killed and now its not clear that the police did so on purpose. Sometimes horrible accidents happen, I mean they were executing a lawful warrant and were being fired upon and they fired back but thats an answer
that has too much nuance and detail for todays Democrats any time there is a shooting involving the cops where they go is demagogue and I think thats consistent with the pattern, and I will say this Kamala is a talented communicator. I think her answer on that and a number of other things had a lot of raw emotion and it had a real power to it, and I think I dont think we should underestimate that. I also think, though, a lot of her answers were very rehearsed and where that came across most clearly was where she said repeatedly: im speaking im speaking and its clear. She practiced that, frankly, to prepare for being interrupted, like President Trump did in the first debate, and had it been someone aggressively interrupting that would have worked pretty well as it was
MIKE. Pence is a pretty mild map per guy and it looked wildly disproportion at laughter im. Speaking like a ticked off first grader, Steve, Senator TED Cruz. We thank you very much check out his new book called one vote away available everywhere. Thank you very much, and the book is number one on Amazon.
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