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Cuomo warns another lockdown could happen in New York, asks doctors to come out of retirement

2020-12-01 | 🔗
Dr. Marc Siegel questions New York Gov. Cuomo’s messaging and argues lockdown would cause ‘economic devastation.’
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Brian, all right, Brian, all right New York, democratic leaders giving themselves high praise while shaming other states for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. You play politics with this virus and you lost. We have had a lot of success, making New York City healthier. We got to really stick to that plan, its going to be the states that denied covid that are now going to be paying the highest price. Brian really now, Governor Andrew Cuomo is asking doctors to come out of retirement and nurses to help with the soaring Covid 19 hospitalizations across the state, as he warns, another lockdown is possible. What about those high fives here to react is Fox NEWS, medical contributedder and author of Covid, the politics of fear and the power of science. Dr Marc Siegel, Dr Siegel thats, something you write a book on how you beat the pandemic and the pandemic came back from a doctors perspective. You could be saying, I told you so right, no exactly Brian! The governor, of course, is posturing here. I think he is get ready for another book himself
and he is saying the Grinch well, the Grinch is him right. In other words, he is trying to take away the Christmas Spirit and if you think, people in the area of New York dont know already not to go to small gatherings and wear a mask. What is all of this government super imposition about, and where was he in March, with all of this flex, in surge, increased hospital capacity by fifty percent? Guess what Brian? We are already doing, that the hospitals in New York already have plans in place. We dont need the posturing here from the governor Brian, so Dr Siegel, its coming back when you shut a city down and destroy it its coming back when you let people make their own decisions like in Florida and its coming back in Europe, where they were so strict and they had this great summer. It came roaring back in the fall. What are we learning about this im cerpgd about again the lessons we are not learning. You already said them when you lock down a city. Do you know what happens? People cant go out:
do you know what they do? They spread it internally, not to mention the economic devastation right now in Buffalo New York, where I went to medical school, they have already canceled all elective surgeries in advance of the surge, but you know what that means. That means people with cancer people with heart disease that are not getting the procedures they need, and then the governor is talking about bringing back Brian retired people to work on the wards. Excuse me, I, like the sentiment of that, but guess hot high risk groupings are in the older retired people, so they are going to get Covid, so they are going to get covid and end up in the hospitals themselves. Government policy needs to be thought out and not some super imposed oversight that makes people noncompliant governor message in a way where people believe what you are saying Brian over the weekend, the vice president, who might be the next president, Joe Biden we find out a day later he was playing with a day later he was playing with
his german Shepard and broke his his foot may be in a boot, for six weeks may be off by inauguration. Maybe not do you know what disturbs me all this talk, how he is transparent and President Trump wasnt all this fawning over a foot fracture excuse me. I talked to President Trump right after he had covid. He said right to me on camera, I had a haziness on my cat scan in the lungs I took the regeneron product. I got better. He couldnt have been more transparent and crystal clear about Covid, so whats this. All this talk about President Trump, not being transparence on his health issues. He was unbelievably transparent and all this fawning over a foot, I think im going to have a lot of work coming up Brian every time he gets a hang NAIL Biden im going to be called in right, Brian, I guess so. The president was right when he said get the kids back in school. The risks are so minimal. They
need to go back to school. Now, Dr Fauci goes. You know what im looking at the data the kids should be in school. China lied about how the virus started and werent transparent about what the results were and how many fatalities they H. Who said that the president, every day from January, until today, unbelievable Dr Siegel, its all in your book? Why would we believe, China Brian? Why would we ever believe China on Covid? Why would we ever they lied from the beginning? They hid the initial case and it was probably months before that. How come we started listening to them? Never Brian! We were listening CNN.
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