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Cuomo’s treatment of restaurant industry is ‘totally unfair’: New York restaurant owner

2021-01-01 | 🔗
New York restaurant owners Don Swartz and Ralph Galluzzi slam the state’s governor for allowing Buffalo Bills fans into the stadium amid coronavirus restrictions on restaurants.
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Will Jason, despite months of lockdowns New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, gives his blessing to let Nearli thousand fans into an NFL stadium? This is more than seventy restaurants and bar owners in upstate New York are suing Cuomo in an effort to reopen our next guests are part of that lawsuit, Don Schwartz, the owner of the gourmet pizza in Rochester New York and will the owner of raffaeles in Hamberg New York Don. I want to get your reaction first, the governor says you can go to a ballgame and go sit by your buddy and watch the game, but cant go to your restaurant first of all its western New York. We all want to go to the game. Maybe the governor can throw us some tickets and we will all go. Will I want? I want to have the s opportunity to have people come in the restaurant, its a personal choice if people feel comfortable with going to the bills game in a safe manner, and we are following
the CDC guidelines. The Rochester City, County and Monroe also set up guidelines for us to follow. I want people to be able to make the same choice to come in to support us, just as they are going to go root on the Buffalo bills. Are Jason Ralph? How do you react to this and what has this done to your business im down? Sixty five to seventy percent im down to three days a week im down from one be employee from ten im, six manipulates from the stadium, so anybody that wanted to you know stop before or after I lose that I feel everything going on right now in the restaurant industry is totally unfair. People do not go out to dinner when they are sick, they stay home, but it will go to Walmart or the drugstore to get their medication when they need it when they are sick. So are they spreading this virus at restaurants, or are they spreading it at Walmart
Jason? I think thats. What so unfair big box retailors can do the same thing as small businesses like yourself, but they dont allow them to do that now we reached out to Governor Cuomos Office, but we have not heard back gentlemen. I wish you nothing, but the best I want to come eat at your places. I have he seen the pictures. It looked good, it sounds good recall and I wish you nothing, but the best going into the new year.
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