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Dan Bongino: Biden’s campaign is biggest con job in presidential election history

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino weighs in on Joe Biden’s refusal to answer on court packing and flip-flops on fracking and taxes on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Questioning speaking remotely Ainsley author of the brand new book, follow the money, the shocking deep connections of the anti trump question about that from friends that I ran into Dan get into that in a moment. But first we wanted to get to your reaction, Joe Biden, refusing to answer the question saying on Friday. Donts deserve to know his stance on the Supreme Court and Steve call. It is wave act, machine and one thousand nine hundred and eighty three look what he said about it. President Roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the United States Senate in the United States Congress, a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law. He was legalistically, absolutely correct, but it was a bone head idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body,
including the Congress, in my view, the most significant body in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America Ainsley Dan. What do you think? Do you believe that Joe Biden or do you think he would pack the court? This is stunning think about what were talking about lets define what packing court means, because you know we. This is what we do for a living right, most people they have to take their kids to soccer practice, im, not sure if they understand what packing the Supreme Court is. It is equivalent of the destruction of a branch of government. It is the addition of judges endlessly based on political win in the presidential election, adding judges which would render the court entirely irrelevant and just a function of who won the last presidential election. You would have effectively no branch of government that court system thats designed to legally rule on things to give people a sober view of what they have to be totally destroyed. You win the presidential election. Whatever you want, you just pack,
more judges, ten, more twenty, more thirty, more fifty more it doesnt matter, Thisgraph Tiff! This is unbelievable. One more point on this: this is Joe Biden campaign im not kidding biggest con job in presidential election history. This guy debates himself on everything on fracking were getting rid of fracking on fracking were not getting rid of fracking. On tax cuts were not gong. To cut your taxes, we are going to cut your taxes hes just all over the place on court packing hes. This is just a total con job on american people and it is frustrating because you cant debate Joe Biden because you dont know which Joe Biden is going to show up in your book. You look at this whole investigation of what led to Donald Trump, replacing Joe Biden and Barack Obama as president of the United States and then the two years that happened with the relentless investigation two and a half year and were trying to unwind investigating of the investigating the investigators so were trying to figure out what went down then
so ROD Rosenstein has been trotted out. He said if I knew what I knew now. I wouldnt have prompted investigation, then no FISA warrant and James Comey, with short term memory loss not available for him, but now we try to find out. The president is in a springt in twenty two days to let the american people know what happened, and he is frustrated. I heard that in his voice with Marie yesterday, Listen are released at a level now nobody has ever seen before and things people thought won the get released, youre, seeing it and youre seeing whats goingen on we caught them cold. We have them cold, and now they have to do something about it, but other documents are going to be released, Maria, which are breathtaking, wait until you see whats coming out. This plays into your book. But what do you think that hes teeing up listen very carefully to what he said there remember Christopher Steele
primary source was not interviewed once he was interviewed three times we havent seen three and FBI summaries. What else did he tell the FBI about just how terrible and awful this dossier was and phony it was dont forget Bill Clinton sought that Sech for five hundred thousand to meet with who a technology executive for russian technology project that stole our technology to create hypersonic missiles, to kill us thats who Bill Clinton wanted to meet with and project. He was working on promoted by his wife and companies involved in the project donatinged to Clinton Foundation. You didnt hear that. Did you by the way thats all document, not a conspiracy theory, you can look it up for yourself. I address those topics in the first two books, this last book I didnt plan on writing ties. It together shows you how scandals are related, includes chapter ive been getting a ton of feedback on. If you read Amazon
Review about the Obama Fixer Guys, Obama knew the whole time and its so clear. When you look at the role of his fixer thats, the last names she was given, it was his lawyer and Kathy is involved in all of this. Do you think it is a coincidence that Obama lawyer in the White House who was involved in the IRS scandal, the coverup of Benghazi, the secret service scandal she fixed air, quotes all of this. She all of a sudden appears in the biggest scandal of all in spy gate. Every single junction think about it. Who is the lawyer right for muellers primary witness, Judge Nateer in the case, Kate, Kathy and supervisor involved in spy gate, Ding Ding Kathy appears again, who is the lawyer for the Dnc when they have to defend themselves against Carter? Page lawsuit about the dossier would never guess guys. Kathy Ruemmler balm fixer appears again, yet you never hear her name ever
shes. I have a whole chapter on her and if you read the reviews, thats one thats been blowing peoples minds the most, how you never hear her name at all, weve heard a lot so far from you theres her image, a quote out of your book. Follow the money available everywhere. You rei, write to say: Obama was a huge fan is an understatement. She called her an outstanding lawyer with impeccable judgment, requested. She postpone departure from the White House three times but finally did leave. She said I deeply value her smart, her judgment and her whit, most importantly, her uncanny ability to see around the corners that nobody else anticipates right. In addition, Dan to Kathy Ruemmler, a couple of the other, so called major, deep state players, as you refer to them, youve got Kathy Ruemmler. You have somebody by name of Steven and Anthony Frante, who are they fascinating? You have heard of them. That line about Ruemmler is
key ability to see around corners was that ever but another FBI agent, you havent heard of who was the handler for the spy in the case, Thisis guy appears in every key junction again. Nobody knows who he is and in Anthony Frante Comey inside man for inside the White House, another guy who leaves White House and what does he do? He goes to work for company to China to verify dossier after he leaves FBI, and then he signed back into the White House after he leaves the FBI by his replacement, Kathy Rummer in worked in the White House. Where did Steven and Anthony work? They were both FBI agents and interesting character, because every TIM they need new information. Stephen shows up to spry, to produce it and who is handler this guy Steven who worked in New York Field Office with the handler for who Christopher Steele the guy who wrote the dossier,
and yet you never hear these names, because everybody is obsessed with Peter Strzok and Jim Comey. They did a lot of bad things, but players in this, the guys who made the you know ole the machine, theyre ones. We need to focus on im telling you ruemmler is key to this whole thing. Obama knew everything by the way Steve your Intook awesome. I have it right here. I love the tacos kid rock chapter, but for a minute, can you get out of the top spot? Just leave something for the rest of us. It is a great book, but tacos are fantastic. Kid rock making me laugh, but for a moment give us space up there come on, buy the book for something heavy laughter for something heavy and in a different way, buy Steve Taco stories. Those are great what released exposed, because that was the question I was talk to my parents. Yesterday, some of their friends got on the phone they wanted to know. When do we see all of this investigation unfold? God forbid, Donald Trump loses never
im dead serious. It will never be released if he wins. I can only hope soon. Never ever hear the real story of what happened here. If he loses this election it will be buried forever and sad thing is, it will happen again, God forbid, but it will because theres been no justice for this at all. Well, the report coming out after the election. I never heard the president so angry. In fact, he said I would tell Attorney General Barr to his face how angry he is yeah. He should be furious. The guy was spied on, theres, no doubt about it. You paid for it through the Pentagon Office of Medicine assessment, your tax dollars paid for a presidential candidate and president to be spied on. How do you like them? Apples and nobody knows about it and on the left or media even cares outside of the network Dan? Do you believe that information in July that Hillary Clinton, the Russians, pecked up information that Hillary clintons looking to die verge from her e mails by creating russian link to Trump?
Do you believe that was russian misinformation or authentic? No russian disinformation thing is nonsense, but I can tell you why do you think John Brennan CIA director is going to brief President Obama, which we know he did about this information about russian disinformation? Think about that guys. I work in the White House. The president time is valuable. You dont quack in say this is all a lie, but let me tell you anyway, because you have nothing else on Ab Monday morning. Of course it wasnt russian disinformation so concerning they briefed Obama about it. Well, speaking of concerning Dan over last couple of weeks, when you have joined us on Monday talking job health, you have had health challenges. You were up here in New York City for a procedure. How are you I was im? You know im, not good, I dont to lie to anybody. I dont anybody to worry about me. Im, young strong everything will be okay, but they removed tumor. That doctor was amazing. God bless his hands. He took out a seven centimeter tumor out of my neck im waiting for pathology report this week, hopefully by Wednesday and Thursday.
So you know news isnt, great, but ill be all right. I dont audience to choir about me and Fox and to say amazing, I mean it is probably an understatement. All of you, ive heard from every single one of use, and you right here on the panel and I know the audience doesnt get to know you personally like I do, but I do and it is a blessing to work. Why w you all and staff at Fox has been incredible, really Gavin sent flowers to my room, the feeling mutual. It really is an honor to work with you all doctors that work at Fox have talked to you pulling for you. They all seem optimistic too, so praying for you coming back to New York for a treatment, perhaps yeah once we get a schedule depends on what kind of you know what turns out to be. Obviously, treatment will be different, but yeah probably be coming back a lot seeing much more of in the big apple than you planned on so were all praying for. You were pulling for. You,
youve had a rough time. America lets make this number one book in America right now. It is called. Follow the money, the shocking deep state connections of the anti Trump Ball Dan be well see you soon J. Thank you.
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