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Dan Bongino on Brooklyn woman killed in fireworks argument, Democrats signaling delay on police reform

2020-07-20 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Dan Bongino reacts to the news of the day on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve what a story all right Todd! Thank you very much on this Monday morning, bring in Dan Bongino former secret service guy, no police officer. He has done it all Dan. We have been talking about the violence and protests across the country, Seattle and Portland here in New York, Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough president, and he used to be a police officer. He said if you have a problem with one of your neighbors dont call. Nine hundred and eleven just go Troy to talk to Themtryto talk to them. This woman, by the name of walls, asked people to stop setting off illegal fireworks because there was a group of kids right there. Do you know what they did. They shoot her eight times she just died. Thats the whole idea behind some of this co responder activity that some towns are talking about, while redistributing police money, its to send out a social worker, send out somebody without a gun
to try to appeal to people who are breaking the through, stop it yeah. This was in this case. Tragically bad advice. I mean, could you think of a worse outcome? The answer is, of course you cant. There is no worse outcome. You know Steve. I have been speaking out on the network about this often and Eric Adams was a police officer. I know who Eric Adams is having been former Nypd myself. He has spoken out against some of Mayor DE blasios awful policies to be fair on this, but this was really brutally horrible advice. Let me tell you why easy to pile on suggestions that maybe we dont need a police officer at these scenes? Maybe we need a social worker. This advice is typically given outlines of Eric Adams, who was a police officer by people who have no experience with policing what so ever Steve my experience with policing having been there actually on the streets. The
reason you get called to say a mental health scenario. Nine hundred and eleven is because the situation is not controllable by the people involved. If you have someone in your household with some kind of a mental health condition- and you know its manageable, you typically call your psychologist and psychiatrist and it gets handled maybe worse case scenario. You wind up in the emergency room if you are calling the police its usually because what we would call at that point, a violent Edp, a violent, emotionally disturbed person. I dont think people get that thats the reason the cops show up in these mental health scenarios. Again you dont get a lot of these folks. Dont call the cops if the fireworks are going up. Dont call up mental health scenario because have you never been there? You dont understand why it happens. Im not an anchor for Fox AMP friends. I dont know what you do. Every day I have guest hosted. I dont have no idea how it works every day. I dont comment on it. People who comment on policing who are in public responsibility are literally getting people
hurt, is literally a damn shame. I wish it wasnt happening. I wish they would educate themselves. First Ainsley Eric Adams says his heart does go out to the family. Our call is to continue building an ecosystem of public safety includes community response and police. Whenever someone exhibits violence, we should call the police whenever we can communicate peacefully with our neighbors. We should do so. Let me get to the next topic. Tim Scott, great senator from South Carolina, is calling on Democrats. He is upset because a lot of these Democrats are saying they might not come to the table to talk about police reform now, because they want to wait until two thousand and twenty one. Here he is yesterday. It would be easy for us to find the right voices in Congress if the Democrats were to come to the table. This is an issue issue for easy federal reform of police, easy thing to do, because we dont control local law enforcement.
We can do things that encourages incensed, compels behavior bottom line. There is one place to go for leadership. The Democrats have diffused leadership. There is chaos. I see anarchy in the streets. This is not in the best interest of the most vulnerable communities that are typically communities of color living in poverty. Ainsley Dan. Have we forgotten what this was all about? In the beginning, it was George Floyd. You look at the numbers in Chicago over the weekend. Teenagers killed. Do we have time to wait any more? More months? More years to work on police reform as a country, you know, let me answer your question directly. No, you and I havent forgotten near- have Griff or Steve or anyone else on this network. The Democrats have im very sorry. The Democrats had listen. Let me be candid with you. I dont even agree with a lot of the tenets of Senator Scotts Police Reform bill. I applaud him for taking on the issue thats what people in power should do if they think they can
fix a problem. I dont believe all those fixes were actual fixes. Having said that, the Democrats were never interested in police reform. I hope some of the viewers understand that heres what they are really interested in Democrat police reform. They want to reform, they could go and use as a political football to say, hey, look what we did not look. What the country did and again im saying that from someone who doesnt actually agree with a lot of the tenets of the bill, they did not want police reform. Can we all just put that aside? They wanted Democrat police reform. Believe me, when I tell you Ainsley, you get anyone with a few beers in a bar on Capitol Hill. They will tell you what im telling is you absolutely true? They wanted to take credit for it. If the Republicans did it, it was the greatest bill in the world. They were going to shut it down it didnt matter, Griff Dan. Let me ask you: on Friday, we had a little bit of news that is Lindsey Graham Senate of the Judiciary Committee released a 57 page document of the interviews with
the Steele dot Yeas primary source, completely debunking it and indicating that Peter Strzok may have known about it. This comes as we are still waiting for the Durham Investigation to complete. We were told it. It would be. This summer, Mark meadows was asked about Maria Bartiromo about two million four hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred, and eighty nine here is what meadows said. I think the american people expecting indictments. I know I expect indictments based on the evidence I have seen. Lindsey Graham did a good job in getting that out. We know they only not knew there wasnt a case. They continue to investigate and spy. And, yes, I use the word spy on Trump campaign officials youre going do see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days. That will suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately as they were investigating its all starting to come unraveled to unravel.
I tell you its time that people go to jail and people are indicted. Griff key take away more to come Dan, your reaction Dan. I want everyone in America to understand the bombshell this stuff was that came out this weekend. We now know for an absolute fact that a fraud was committed on the FISA court that Christopher Steeles source for all this information. You know all the gross stuff and the ridiculous collusion stuff. We now know for a fact that that source himself said no. No most of that stuff was just garbage and people in the FBI and Department of Justice swore it was true. Despite knowing in January of twenty seventeen, it was garbage swore to it multiple times saying it was true: a fraud was committed on this country, a literal fraud and its a disgrace, Griff so criminal prosecutions. Do you predict that Dan? Do you think we will actually see that gosh im, not sure Griff? I have been let down some times on this. I will leave with you this. There is no question, no question amongst reasonable people. A fraud was committed on
the court where the Doj goes. I dont know im out of predictions game. I have been disappointed before Steve stay tuned for that Dan.
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