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Dan Hoffman reacts to cyberattacks on vaccine research: Russia is conducting espionage

2020-07-18 | 🔗
Russian cyber hackers are denying attempts on targeting organizations involved in coronavirus vaccine development; Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman weighs in on ‘Fox and Friends.’
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Griff, welcome back Griff Welcome back Russia denying allegations that they are hacking, labs and pharmaceutical companies around the globe. Cyber senator, backed by the NSA claims, a russian group targeted various organizations involved in Covid 19 vaccine development in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom highly likely the intention of stealing information here to react. Fox news, contributor and former CIA station Chief who served in Moscow Dan Hoffman Dan Good Morning to you thanks for joining us thanks good morning Griff. I want to ask you. I think what everyone wants to know is how successful were these russian hacking groups, we have heard them called cozy bear and that they may have been in twenty. Sixteen hacking, the Dnc successfully. How successful were they in hack, this vaccine research? Well, apparently, they have not been extremely successful because we detected that threat and thats. What is so important about the announcement this week?
It was mental first and foremost to name and shame. Russia damage their reputation while the world is trying to find a vaccine for Covid 19, Russia is conducting espionage again, no surprise there. Vladimir Putin was a KGB officer and ran Russias ruthless internal security police, the Sfb. This is also a warning. You know to Russia that we can counter attack, as we did, allegedly in twenty eighteen during the midterms, when we launched our own cyber attack against Russias Internet Research agency and its also public service announcement, particularly to our scientific community, to be on alert that russian intelligence is using this cozy bear. They have done it since way back in twenty sixteen when they targeted the State Department and the White House as well as, as you point out, the Dnc during the elections Dan, I want to shift you from Russia to China. We also had Secretary Pompeo with pretty strong words about China, paying a price heres what he said earlier this
week. I think the world will make them pay a price im, confident that the world will look at China differently and engage them on fundamentally different terms than they did before this catastrophic disaster Griff your thoughts. I think the United States clearly had already started to swivel our foreign policy into the Trump administration countering more effectively and defending ourselves from China. I think that the coronavirus, chinas willful attempt willful effort to conceal the outbreak and the severity of the pandemic. I think it was a tipping point for much of the rest of the world. China is militarizing, the south, China, sea, stealing intellectual property, even in the state of Texas. They bought subsidiary, broke wind farm to conduct, espionage against air force, base their ambition, risk as 21st century cold war and were
leading the way right now in countering and deterring and defending ourselves with our allies from China, Griff Dan. Just in the seconds we have left, you mentioned China, militarizing, the South, China Sea. How big of a threat is that, right now China set sites on South China Sea threatened Philippines in Vietnam. What the United States has done is used: u DOT S, military and working with our allies, to make it clear that China does not exercise sovereignty over that resource, rich part of the geographic space and its going, I think, continue to be an area of contention Griff all right. We will continue to follow it Dan Hoffman. Thank you for.
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